Monday, February 6, 2012

8 reasons why it is good to help others

Altruism is selfless concern for the welfare of others, and how grateful for what we ourselves have. Helping and giving to others and help the person who gives.Putting others' needs ahead of their own helps many people find meaning and purpose in our lives.

People who have experienced difficult life situations argue that altruism is a common survival strategy for the tragic situation and lifestyle changes. Paying another distraction from the sadness and emptiness we feel inside, and opens new perspectives on the world around us. Here are eight reasons why the provision has a positive effect on our health and life in general.

1. The feeling of satisfaction

When we help others, awakens in us a sense of satisfaction because we did something useful. The feeling that we have someone make you happy helps us in retaining and euphoria which eventually turns into tranquility and lasting sense of satisfaction with them.

2. Reduces negativity and depression

Giving helps expel negative emotions and feelings of hostility toward the environment and other people. When we give ourselves, we are left with a lot less room for anger, depression, grief and loneliness.

3. Strengthens the immune system

Helping create the emotions that are vital to maintaining good health. When you do something that makes us happy, the body releases endorphins, which naturally relieves pain.

4. It reduces stress

People are often overloaded with work, financial situation and the pressures of daily work, which often leads to the accumulation of stress. By helping others disappear pressure to have to be perfect.

5. Creates a connection

Selfless giving and opens new opportunities for us as we meet new people and see different life stories and world views. Good relationships and connections with others are important for a stable mental state.

6. Creates experience

Volunteering learn to do better in jobs and skills which is always a good life experience. The feeling that we are useful in what we do improves our sense of satisfaction with them.

7. It teaches us gratitude

Help and to teach us to be thankful for what we have. In this way you appreciate the good things in your life and not take for granted what we have to reduce a feeling of dissatisfaction with what we have.

8. Good karma

It is always advisable to do something good for your karma. Do not forget all the good we do, will return in some way sooner or later. 

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