Monday, February 6, 2012

Emotional cheating

When you become a closer friend than a partner.

Emotional cheating is infidelity in terms of physical deception. Many believe that the emotional affair is cheating because they do not do anything bad that might hurt their partner or affect their relationship.

Although not physically cheated on their partner, an emotional affair in a special way and the wrong partner can hurt his feelings and trust more than you thought.

In such relationships people often do not constitute a conscious and planned.When the other person spends much time, especially alone, and when they share personal problems and considerations, it is easy to create an emotional connection. Sometimes it happens to you that other people become closer to the partner with whom you are related.

There are boundaries between friendship and emotional affair. If you suspect that your friend or other person understands better than a partner, you are on shaky ground. When you say your wishes, dreams and hopes of a friend, not your partner, become closer emotionally with a friend, a move away from a partner.

How to recognize the risk of emotional affair?

Sometimes you need to talk to a friend or other person intimate details about their relationship and seek advice. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but bringing a friend to personal problems, which concern only you, your partner and your relationship, your partner is a betrayal of trust.

Secrecy shows that you are doing something wrong, especially if you hide from your partner friendship with another person. When your partner asks where you were and what you did, you feel under attack and you need to defend themselves or even the need to lie. Partner to leave you waiting when you spend time with a friend, planning a meeting with a friend and glad they are more than meeting with a partner.

You have exceeded the limit if you feel a physical attraction, and you begin to wonder what it would be to kiss a friend, you dream of a friend even when you're with a partner.

On the Internet it is easy to fall into that kind of relationship with another person. It is often easier to tell intimate and personal things unknown to the person you may never meet, especially if the 'foreigner' begin to idolize. And if you spend a lot of time chatting, you'll want to deepen that relationship.

At work, it is easy to start a relationship with another person who can turn into something more than friendship. At lunchtime, on a business trip or project, spend time with the person you start talking about myself. People are often tired when they get home from work and unwilling to talk with your partner and help them connect with someone at work.

Away from you partner, you feel that you do not understand it and keep some things for friends, a partner do not talk.

Keep in touch with ex-boyfriend. From the last love affair is easy to re-develop intimate feelings.

If your partner considers your friendship with someone, you should respect his feelings. Perhaps the more energy you invest in a relationship with a friend than in connection with your partner. Again, remember the reasons why you love your partner and put it in focus. Emotional affair leaves a deeper impact on the link and it takes more time to recover from than physical cheating.

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