Monday, February 6, 2012

Improve your relationship

10 steps to a better relationship with your partner.
Most people when thinking about your life, make decisions about improving the lives of the aspects related to health, work and exercise. Connections with others are important in our lives. Relationships with friends and family and work colleagues, especially the relationship with your partner often take for granted. When we feel that all is well, do not make decisions that will improve the relationship, but that the link was successful it is necessary to strive and to work on it.

We bring you the 10 steps that will come together with a partner and strengthen your relationship.

1. Spend more time together

Couples who live together are considered to spend enough time together.However, spend quality time together is not just watching television. Quality friendship is a time to connect with a partner in the activities that you both happy.

2. Better communication

People often make their own conclusions about what their partner thinks, rather than openly. When dealing with such mind-reading, always conclude that their partner is thinking something negative. Regarding the importance of being a good listener. May He explained his perspective, and that means lots of talk, and listen to what he said.

3.  Stop analyzing

Many women spend too much time to analyze your partner's behavior, rather than to talk with him. Too much thinking and torment over what the partner thinks you want to take too much energy that can be used for something that brings you good.

4. Less criticize, praise and more

At the beginning of a relationship partners share more compliments to each other, and with time to forget. No one feels comfortable when it constantly criticizes. Instead of daily criticism, try to give them a compliment to your partner. Remember the reasons you fell in love and its properties that you like and tell him to! Do not be surprised if he starts doing the same.

5. More compromise

You must not always be right and come out a winner in every debate. When neither partner wants to change its position, it is impossible to lead a fight to a happy end. Try to reach a solution together that is acceptable to both you and your partner, rather than try to keep your word is final. Objective view of things will help you get to a common compromise.

6. Argue fairly

Discussions between partners often hidden subconscious unresolved problems, such as lack of confidence, the need to control and jealousy. Stop the habit that you must win the argument. Arguments are an attempt to prove who is better, you or partner. Never get to argue in front of others, or draw unnecessary events from the past. Honestly arguing means trying to find the cause of quarrels and try to solve the real problem.

7. Learn to forgive

In the long term relationships and greater hearing arguments are inevitable. But the secret of successful relationships is the ability to avoid permanent mutual resentment and anger. You realize that you can not control another person, unless you allow it to do. But if you want a permanent stable relationship, sometimes you have to change or modify their views and wishes. Do not carry anger in itself as this are damage due to stress caused by the unnecessary frustrations.

8. More confidence

Have confidence in the partner does not only believe that you will not cheat.You need to trust that your partner will respect, be honest with you and that you will not hurt. When partners are able to deal with conflicts and mutual anger, less likely to resort to lying and hiding, hoping to avoid conflicts.

9. Finally committing

Most people think that the obligation regarding marriage and fidelity mean in terms of sexual monogamy. Both partners can be faithful to each other, and not in the true sense, bound by their relationship. Commitment means that you take into account the partner's feelings and you are aware that your every action can affect him and your relationship. This does not mean you have to put him in front of their own needs, but to try to take into account his feelings and treat him with respect.

10. Have more fun

In the long term relationships often fail to entertainment. Real life brings everyday problems and uniformity. More fun with a partner enhances the relationship. Together exit, even if you have kids and socialize as a couple other people.

Do not let kindness be few in number, and physical contact. Every day you can hug a partner at least 20 seconds. So much time is needed in the body to release oxytocin, which makes you closer to your partner. And of course, sometimes you initiate sex.

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