Monday, February 6, 2012

What kind of men they want to flirt

8 types of seduction, which fell without a mistake.
Flirting is always fun. And men love it when women seduce them. Many women find that it is enough to look super liked the man, but often the simple little things that goes for most men. We bring you the 8 species of seduction, which fell in men. Try it!

First Simplicity

Men love when girls simply approach them and say 'Hi'. Many men prefer a woman to direct and take control, but in a friendly and humorous way. A smile and a simple question to facilitate the start of talks.

Second Ribbing

Playful and funny interesting girls are every man. Men in their society and fool around with each other in this way build relationship and friendship. If you are a girl and so behaves, it will be thrill.

Third Accessibility

Affordable ladies who do not hesitate to show that they are interested get a great plus in men. They will be easier to approach the leaks that are sometimes separated from their friends and society. Sit close to him and start a conversation on simple topics. Another tip - love 'dame in trouble'! So if you are otherwise strong and independent woman, try and try to play a role as it acts on the male. When a woman needs help, man will hastily jump, because in this way enjoys the role of 'savior'.

4th Body Language

Friendly body language is very important in seduction. Many women do not realize that sometimes seem angry and inaccessible. Position of the body to show him you're interested in, a hand is not to be crossed to keep it looking so hostile and inaccessible.

5th Smile

When you see a girl having fun and laughing, a man will want to meet and become part of her life. To be astonished, but the smile is the sexiest thing men on the female body!

6th Touching

Lightly tap on his shoulder, arm, knee or lower back. Men love the touch, but not gaudy.

7th Listening

Impressed when they see that are interesting to women, and when one is interest in detail while listening to them talk about their work and interests.

8th Compliments

Compliment his looks, ask him where workout ... As women and men love to receive compliments, and this is the perfect opportunity to touch it when you praise, but his body.


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