Monday, February 6, 2012

Why do men cheat?

8 most common reasons why there is adultery.

The answer to the eternal question of why men cheat in relationships are interested in any woman. Often men do not themselves know what is the reason why they cheated his partner. Research shows that the same reasons today as they were before 50 years. Did men in the genetic code written to cheat or are the reasons a little deeper?

Men often completely separate sex and love. Cheating in marriage and serious relationships, and most often hear from men's mouths that they just were not meant to be monogamous. The reasons why there has been fraud in particular regarding the often complex, but some are common to all men who seek entertainment outside relationship or marriage. We bring you some of the most common reasons why men cheat.

1. Thrill of the hunt

When you are in a relationship, men will still need a sense of seduction his partner. Men crave excitement and if you do not get at home, it will probably look elsewhere. This is a common reason for men who are married too soon, or think they have missed something in the past.

2. Complaining and arguing

No one likes to hear constant complaining and criticizing. Men are especially important for them to feel respected partner. If you do it every time I get home from work the attack, criticize, or encourage a fight, he will feel helpless and give up the constant attempts of apology. It is possible to seek solace in a person who understands him better.

3. Lack of confidence

The quickest cure for his insecure ego is sex. If you do not feel desirable and interesting to your partner, will search for solace in sex with another woman who shows interest in him.

4. The disappearance of physical attractiveness

Often men are entering into contact with women who make them perfect for a serious relationship, and without much physical attraction. Men are visual creatures, and believes them when they notice that their partner is neglected and no longer takes care of them. Just because a boyfriend or husband is not the reason that women can stop trying.

5th Trying new things

Many men have hidden desires and fantasies that their partner does not want to achieve with it. There are different reasons why they are a woman is not enough and want to try sex with other women. Other women have a different structure of the body, they look different and have different sexual habits. Men often cheat when you are not satisfied sex life with your partner.

6. Excitement

The sense of danger that will be discovered gives them a new excitement in life.Playing with fire awakens in man an instinct of human. Due to the current feeling that he had done something forbidden and exciting, men are often willing to risk a long relationship.

7. So far

The men sometimes cheat just to see if it will succeed to remain undetected. Also, if you are cheated in the past and managed to pull out because of their partners goodbye, it is possible to commit adultery again.

8. Revenge

If a man is hurt and cheated by his partner, the easiest way to get over the fraud, having sex with someone else. Men often scams partner because of anger, fear and loneliness. Easier for them to engage in adultery than to face the feelings of the partner.

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