Monday, March 19, 2012

Being single is not so bad

In this time of year, the world is awash with romantic commercials and discounts for couples who seem to have been made to single people feel left out. So lost in the multitude of ads for engagement rings, greeting cards and flowers for Valentine's Day, sometimes we feel as if the whole world is screaming: "It is no use if you are not a couple!"

However, the truth is that if you are single, but you made the best decision of all. Not yet linked to the wrong person. This does not mean that if you're in a relationship is destroyed, in fact, we all know many people who are wonderful and fulfilling relationships or marriages with people they really like. Let's face it, we certainly witnessed that many people in relationships that just would not be lonely. This is a recipe for disaster.

You see, it is simply, if you're in a relationship with someone who you know is right for you, or if you are in a relationship where time passes and you do not click, it is obvious to waste valuable time and opportunity to meet your soulmate. You may think you're open to other options, but what if, for example, while you are on the current Dejte beside you pass true Lord and pass you, because you're in that moment with someone else? You will never even know you missed it. So while crunching and this leap year, pay attention to the five reasons to be single may be the best decision you've made so far.


• You are not settled with the wrong person, which means that you have left the door open for the right person that walks into your life. Have fun! Expand your horizons. Talk to new people.You never know when you'll meet new friends that will open doors of great love.

• Your time is truly yours. Of course, when you're with someone you really love is natural that you enjoy doing things together. But if you find that person really is far better to have my time for myself instead of always worrying about the needs and wishes of someone who does not make you happy.

• Every first Dejte a new opportunity. When you're on, you actually put on hold, new beginnings, which is fine if you're the right person. But if you're single, every time you go out with someone new, you have the potential to change your life forever. It's incredibly exciting facts.

• Travel get a new meaning. If you travel to a new place, being single gives you many more options. Sometimes, the best travel experience to come to us from dating and affair with a beautiful stranger. The single status allows you to flirting without guilt, to create new relationships and accept calls to your world and open new horizons (although, of course, should always be extremely cautious when meeting new people abroad).

• There is less drama in your life. Sometimes people are about where things start not going well.So they desperately try to make things right and go into every little detail, if everything goes as they think they should. Such a situation can make you feel tense and nervous. But if you're single and you see it with different people, really waiting for the right one comes along, instead of trying to work with some things wrong - it removes a huge burden off your shoulders.

Always keep in mind that you should be happy, and that your life should be filled with conflict.Get used to that feeling. This is what you should expect from life, and life should look like. The main purpose of links is not that you fight for someone to stay with you or you with him. In this connection it is most important to be happy with someone you love because you deserve it!

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