Monday, March 19, 2012

The connection that they have taken over an argument

In connection with which they have taken over an argument, a temporary separation is imposed as a logical solution, if a couple definitely wants to part. But the break and have their own rules. 

Arguments, quarrels and everyday pout can be in a relationship, but they just lead to people thinking that a little pause in a relationship where they are, or are temporarily separated, to help some thought to whether such a relationship has a future. Today, the break in relations more popular than ever because people are not in the past because of financial conditions and family relations spoke publicly about the difficult situation in her relationship. How such a separation made good and bad results as to the relationship, analyzed numerous marital counselors.

The agreement is necessary

If one partner feels that separation is not a good solution and see it as the end of the connection, while the other believes that it will help him to "cool down" head and think about the benefits of such relationships, the separation is not a good idea. Not only will a partner put "on hold" to be bitter, you probably will get the impression that the other party does not like the price and not because it is more important how I feel and fear of losing his love. If the goal of separation is preparing to terminate the other hand, it is the unanimous declaration of a good way to break it.


If you decide on a temporary separation, agree to some important rules of conduct during this period. It should include an agreement on visitation with other people, how to separate the last, a willingness to accept decisions on the other hand, whatever it is, an agreement on how much you and how to communicate. Agreement on rules limiting behavior, but also makes sense because both partners are working on something together, and shows how many are willing to respect the agreement.

Dealing with pain

Of course, not everyone can be a soothing and separation of the rational for both parties, but it is essential that people feel the interconnectedness and love despite the arrival of the crisis in the relationship.
However, the separation may be as good temporary solution for the links that were stuck in "limbo" of bad relationships, but with the acceptance of complaints and avoiding quarrels.Lunch will force the partners to face the problems and decide how to proceed. This process is really painful, especially for those who have long closed their eyes, and the problem is even greater if you have children.
Be sure to specify the date by which to take a break, that would not happen if one or both of the partners put their lives "on delay" in anticipation of high resolution. If, after smoothing relations, there is a compromise on common goals, desires and attitudes, then continue to do makes no sense, psychologists say.

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