Monday, March 26, 2012

The connection with married woman

To begin with note: a woman is married or not, it seems that men just do not bother with the potential problems. Try the Internet to find any text on the subject of "get in touch with a married woman or not," and you will remain shirt. It seems that men (or at least a good portion of them) in this regard only see the good side, and this could be summed up in a "women-and bildanje ego."

Our absolute favorite page in English which offers those interested in joining such a pleasure.For the page header says "you cheating partner? Yes, we do not condemn you!" And you will find a lot of nice articles written in the same style: "Marriage and love have nothing to do with each other", "Monogamy is no longer modern" or " You have the right to think only of themselves. "
Of course, that no one can make you change your mind if you really decided to cheat a partner, or in this case - to be married to a woman. But we will mention a few little things, just so you know what to expect!

First You are her toy.
Yes, it is clear that men are convinced they are the ones who deceive. In their minds all this is a great hunt in which a man lurking and overcomes the victim, a poor she can not resist its charms, although this would fervently wanted.

Dear guys, this does not work that way! No woman would not be "won" if it wishes alone. You can do to your heart's wasting his charm, and strive to deepen your head if you like, but nothing will not help if she decides to surrender.
So, once you manage to "seduce" a married woman, be aware that you are actually allowed it to seduce her. Is this done because of problems in the marriage, whether he wanted to prove to myself that it is still attractive, or it was simply boring - you do not change anything on the matter. Actually you have served only as a means by which it fulfills some of their deeper needs, not very flattering to be in this role - is not it?

Second No, you there are not as important as you think.
No matter what you talk (you might be compared with his wife and praises, or you otherwise lets us know that you are important to her), you realize that it still not as important how much you'd like to believe.
If it ever did, it would not be with you only spent a few moments to separate from other liabilities. And at the end of the day, it would not be coming home but his wife would stay with you.

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