Monday, March 26, 2012

Eight reasons for male infidelity

Avoid adultery at the time.
Why do men cheat? There is no universal answer to this question. Depends on the circumstances, character, and numerous other factors. The fact is that every man story. No, we bring you some common causes of adultery. Perhaps with this knowledge save the relationship and marriage.

First Problems in marriage as the main reason. When a pair of regular quarrels and fights and remain unresolved, it creates a climate in which a man becomes unhappy (the same goes for women). In this case, or will to fight or run away. When entering into an affair that seems to escape from dealing with problems in the marriage and that the moment he was comfortable with that other person. I convince myself that way the problems and not offend anyone that it is possible to continue with life "parallel to the support."

Second Boredom. Some men find the routine of married life hard and boring. For them it is easier to switch to non-marital relationship in which they can feel a bit of excitement - instead of trying to find at home. The point is that this "illegal" way because it is much easier for entry into an exciting affair in itself. A marriage is not something that should work much more intensively and for life.

Third Cheaters like sexual experimentation. Sex has always been and always will be an integral part of marriage and relationships. While some men are satisfied with the fact that it will only sleep with a woman for many years, other men prefer experimentation that they need more than an option. They want to sleep with many women and many times not so long thinking about extramarital excursions. You probably feel that way sexually superior and better than others.

4th Emotional dissatisfaction. When the wife, girlfriend, fiancรฉe, too occupied with work, his own life, or something else, in an emotional sense of the men were left to dry. Yes, even the men are emotional beings and they want their partner to show how they are appreciated and understood. Most men, and that's the biggest problem, will not prove to be emotionally which is why their emotional needs are often overlooked and neglected. So seek satisfaction elsewhere.However, some couples just are not right for each other - as a woman trying to, he always finds something to object.

5th Some men have a childhood trauma. Indeed, it is possible that as children witnessed their parents marital infidelity, which they sometimes give the message that it is wrong even though deep down they know that is not so. All we learn from their parents. This behavior can be adopted and the bad. Models can be relatives, friends, colleagues ... Sometimes men have multiple simultaneous connections, especially when they are teenagers and young people.Finally, always end up in the bed of a former love, it was accidentally on purpose. Other returning to the old style of life of many partners. Do not forget that there are women who are looking for just such men.

6th Cheaters live with cheaters. Men are taking revenge on unfaithful wives equally. Even if it were their wives wrong and recognize and ignore all of their trips, some men will continue with their games, and mostly because I do not want to forgive their wives.

7th Some men are willfully unfaithful. Why? They want a divorce, and easiest to use as a tool rather than a direct conversation. Adultery is a sufficient legal reason why the wife can seek divorce. Man cheating openly and wantonly raising the woman's sense of frustration to unprecedented proportions. Translated, the manure. The percentage of such individuals is small, but still there.

8th Adulterers need to be appropriate. When a man feels it unnecessary to search for another woman with whom they will feel the opposite. A woman who will understand them and make them feel special. From such scandals can be created because of infatuation which would reject their own marriage.

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