Sunday, March 25, 2012

Errors made by women

Avoid premature disclosure of feelings, do not pretend and do not try to change your ga!
A large number of women is complicated by the quest for the perfect mate and want to know how to meet him or to keep it. Male access connections seem much more relaxed, without the dubious strategy and thinking. It is no wonder that women envy their laid-back approach to the relationship and bonding, and the incredible ease with which enters a new relationship shortly after leaving the old.
How would your relationship to the relationship was less complicated, but successful Avoid the premature disclosure of feelings and pretending to be something you're not. Be sure to try to accept her man just as it is, instead of him unsuccessfully prevaspitavaš.

Wolf hair changes ...
Almost every woman in the bar wants something to change your partner. Whether it's the dress, habits, behavior ... Some even enter into connection with men who treat them badly, hoping to be better. The attraction they feel they often replace the love and because they believe that their rowdy into a gentle prince. However, it is a losing battle. Perhaps some men are slightly adjusted, but it's nature, personality and education it is impossible to completely change.

Be yourself
In order to please men, women are prone to transformation. They think that if they do things that would not otherwise do, to attract male attention, and he will stay with them forever. This is wrong. Your artificially behavior and acting just will reject men. To attract it, you do not have to behave like an easy woman, or as he is a gift from heaven.

Emotions at the time
A successful and attractive man probably has many worshipers and knows a lot of strategy to win. Do so at the very beginning to do to give him know that you are crazy about him. Let him be a little effort in you, makes it unattainable. What is more labored, and the more you will want.

Without attacking tactics
To expect that man will take care of your life and make you happy and fulfilled person can be a big mistake. Of course, there are such links, but they are built spontaneously through learning, understanding and love, not tactics. Nothing man can not drive out as fast as the knowledge that you expect him to clear up your emotional life. So, you have to be smart. Men who enter your life in a subtle way to motivate yourself to want to care about you. Be gentle so seductive, and not dependent poor thing.

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