Sunday, March 25, 2012

Girl you first come into the apartment?

The total cliché. Two lovers standing by the window from which extends a beautiful view, toast with glasses and a long while it is seductive look. They did not even sipped a sip, and already are rolling on the bed. Well, that's so simple, champagne would be selling drinks ever. On women is not important. But it is important to have a drink at her house so you can with something to offer and show you how a good host. The water that does not count.

Expensive and comfortable bedding
Who would not want to wallow in it. No set of linen is of minor importance. Its attention will attract only if the characters from your favorite comic or not washed for weeks.

Scented candles
Most of the women within their four walls has scented candles and essential oils. It is certainly a plus if you light a candle. But few will act Don Juanski if you remove the entire range and burn ten candles. You'll leave the impression that you know exactly what to do and very often do.You'll leave the impression of a seducer, but not in a positive way.

If you bring a woman home, be sure to keep a supply of condoms. I do not wait for it to emphasize that you are missing something. Show that you know what a responsibility.

Orderliness vs. untidiness
If the first time she comes home with you, making sure not to welcome a total chaos. A bunch of unwashed dishes, dirty bathrooms without toilet paper and a huge pile of dirty laundry. Let your home work and relax without having to make sure that everything is in place. She will know exactly how you're all cleaned up and ask you how your house looks otherwise. The chair should be an occasional T-shirt, tennis shoes in the hallway, on the table some papers and books.

The most important rule is that it is a good host guests. This does not mean that her offer various delicacies and expensive drinks. You need to be one where you feel relaxed and at home. Spend it at home, explain some photos and memories, show where things are in the kitchen in order to manage itself.

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