Monday, March 19, 2012

How to find true love?

Most people want love in my life, and those who have it, want more of it. Many people say that when their relationship is going well, you reveal a host of other things in life are going well. The meaning and fulfillment relationships allow us to grow and learn and better challenges make us live better and happier every day. Unfortunately, finding and keeping the love you want is not always easy.

Expert advice:

Step 1 - Define what you want
I encourage all my clients to make the list. On the one hand to write down all what you do not want in a relationship or partner. It is usually very easy to fill. Most of us are absolute experts in what we do not want, but when we try to define what we want, that pausing. It requires more energy, but if we expect to get everything about what we want, we must be clear on what it is.Therefore, the following list is what we want. These include personality traits, world view, values, and look like. The first step in the seduction of what we want is to us and themselves to become clear.
Step 2 - Stop complain and start creating
This seems obvious, but when the relationship does not go as we wanted, most people will spend an enormous amount of time and energy complaining and despair because of the negative aspects. If this is really where you want to stay and focus your thoughts, why do not all end? I promise you that the sequel will not regret anything better. It will never encourage optimistic view of the world. It will never move in the direction you want to go. If you are not satisfied with what goes in, decide what it is you want and then do the steps to achieve this.
Step 3 - go out to the full
Dating is a difficult job, and you must be open to the possibility of finding the right one, but you must be prepared for the possibility of finding Him Krivi. Going can give you valuable information about what you want, and with every person that you are at the junction can discover something new that will add to the list of what you want or not want. Everyone with whom exit takes you closer to the relationship that will lead to "until death do us part", but every connection you have access to positive and accept the gift of clarity that it gives you.
Step 4 - work on yourself
Work on becoming a better person you can be, and will attract the best around. You must love yourself enough to grab what you want and you believe that you deserve. It is not possible to love enough for two people. If you truly love what you did and give your best, there are many around you who will also fall in love.
Step 5 - Communicate
Tell the person you go out you want and what you need. Do not pretend to be someone who is not, or that you like / dislike something just to be liked that person. It will haunt you. I'm not saying you should immediately disclose his desire for his wife and three children at a time when you are 40 years and yet you are on a first date, but do not cancel something that you could try and save the relationship.
Step 6 - Build a strong friendship
Meet the person really well and decide what you like before you start thinking about falling in love with that person. Most people are so focused on finding the right people and gaps see all those tiny qualities that make a person, which only months later, they realize that they are engaged in connection with a person they do not really like it.
Step 7 - Take responsibility
You are responsible for the success or failure of your relationship. That may sound harsh, but if you do not take responsibility for it, where is the control? Are we going to force that responsibility and let your partner? The only thing in life that we can control is ourselves and we must decide, along with all other small choices that we have every day, whether our relationship will continue or stop.
Step 8 - focus on positive
You attract what you give. If we let the world's sunrises and despair over the fact that there is no perfect person for you free, or you remember the last terrible leaving you had, you will attract more of such persons. Think of how wonderful to meet new people and how much you can learn it from them. Think about how nice it would be a part of you share with someone else. Imagine the best result and that is what you get.

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