Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to have a happy relationship?

Imperfect human beings are inclined to let things run their own, hoping that everything will be solved by itself, and end up arguing and hurting each other.The best way to have a happy relationship is to work on it, it really does not require too much effort. 

First Please tell thank you. This shows your partner that you appreciate and prevents you from taking each other for granted.

Second touch a partner each day (or at least every second)

Third Kiss every morning!

4th Tell `` `` good morning every morning.

5th A hug.

6th Spend at least one night a week with your other half or friends / family, ie. Do samovati.

7th Do not exaggerate with the babbling. You can harm your relationship because you can not seriously relate to each other.

8th Establish a system of co when washing dishes.

9th Practice listening.

10th Be honest, even if you are uncomfortable.

11th If you and your partner undecided about where to eat or which movie to see, play the game `` `` 5-3-1. One to five people a choice, the other a narrow range of the two, and then decides to let the first among the other two. And so, no more `` Where would you like to go? `` `` I do not care, you decide ``.

12th If you live together, make sure that everyone still has their own private space where they can retreat to work, think, or dress up in peace.

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