Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to know if he likes you?

You know the type of that great and for some time seeing him. You are not in an exclusive relationship, but spend some time together.Telephone calls have been going on for over an hour, but flertovske smiles you've changed.
You feel good next to him.
Now there is a question for a million dollars on which you want to discover ANSWER.

Do you like him? Is he interested or not?
How to find out the answer? What are sure signs that it is interested in you?
Well, except for the use of women's intuition that's not something that can be written or described, I will try to "simplify" this complicated thing called "love."

10 signs that he likes you
First Watching the same movie for the second time
He has already watched the film. Although still not quite impressed with it, but you have not even looked, suddenly changed the song and said that he wants to see again.
And so, by the way, if you did not see, why do not we reflected zajednowhy he asks.
You know then that his intent is not a movie but a real company.
So girls, do not ignore his true intentions. Just know a little bit hidden truth, be grateful, OK?
Second In his car the song that is so well known?
For your favorite! I hardly have to talk to mentioned it, and the next time you drive to you, you will have a music festival.
Is he the one who always fills people's wishes and ideas? Well, watch how you behave with others, so let me know.
Third He asks that question!
Well, I want to be as relaxed and carefree as possible when it comes to that. But no matter how cool acts, burning deep inside and wants to know the answer to this question:
"Well, are you slodobna?"
If yes, the following shall be:
"No way. How someone like you can be free? You mean you do not have a boyfriend? "
Now carefully observe his body language. If you notice that now begins to behave nervously, and relax until you answer "No" then you get the right message.
4th Asks you for the next sunrise before you complete this
Well, if it is not interested in you, why he was so eager to "write" Time for your next date with him, although not yet completed the circuit on which is right?
Unless you look like Jessica Alba, or you can give him one million job as Donald Trump. If you are none of the above, then this is the way to his heart ...
5th Your name is not foreign to his friends
If you get a chance to meet his friends, and you know that you can create such an opportunity, they'll pull out some pretty juicy details.
But this can prove to be not very reliable, nor any other signs, but if his friends raise their eyebrows or slyly nasmijulje when you play on, then it means that it has a story about how he comes out with someone special, you will most likely turn out that it is you.
6th It can not look away from you
OK, we know already that this is not skidam-and sea-view, but lovely loving look that speaks of admiration and sympathy.
If eyes could speak, they might throw out this question rather than its owner, "You are the most beautiful woman I know. Do you want us to be more than friends? "
The best test? When a super-model pretty pass you by, you must warn him before he notices it.(Of course, this is already a caricature, ha ha .... What would stop men's eyes to look at the nice woman? No answer to this question)
7th He will examine
Every so often, you will find the opportunity to ask you what type of man attracts you and what you want from your partner.
Unless you do the same thing and I (which brings me in a privileged position in question, ha ha), for his part in what type you like it or not, except for the fact that he hoped he would be the preferred candidate?
Do not be surprised if he starts to underestimate yourself saying things you disagree with what to describe it to you. He examines the ground to see how you will react, and to give him some answers about what you think about it.
For example, you are on your list write a "must have a good sense of humor and laugh me" as something that attracted you to him, and he says "Oh, I'm actually a pretty boring guy. I do not know how to tell a joke or laugh girls. I must be boring you. " Be careful what you answer him.
If you say "Yes, I do not think you're really funny people" instead of "Oh, is not it? But I do not feel boring. Actually, I think we have much more interesting to talk "or he would secretly pull the grieving and will jump for joy.
Saying something like that, he will in some way "forced" him to respond, and in whatever way you odogovrili given them know how you feel. So, girls, if you like this guy, you know what his answer should be, right?
8th It seems to offer services
Yes, he does not mind to be your driver if you have a car. Even the volunteer to follow you all the way to a location outside the city that you would meet a sudden desire for a delicacy that is sold only at that point.
It will help you complete the task, expressed interest to help you perform your duties, to buy gifts for family and the like.
If a man is interested in developing a stronger relationship than friendship with you, unless it is Predosadno in their own lives or the Lord preljubazni, then I wonder what it is that it forces you to be there exactly where you need help.
9th Can not wait for the celebration of special occasions.
As Valentine's Day (if you call out that day, it really is time to suspect the intentions of his, right?), Or your birthday.
Long it will wait to celebrate this special day with you, preferably in private.
10th He buys you gifts
Send a gift for no particular reason why a man is the easiest way to express your interest in a girl without a word. This gives you something, he is testing how you react. Will usually do it while still not quite sure what to feel for him, so at least will not feel rejected if you reject his gift.
At the same time he hopes to make you happy that gift. And if you're lucky, there will be on!
To summarize all this, this may not be 100% scientific evidence to show that he is interested. He comes from a pure experience and observation. Intentionally I did not include things like body language, where he checks his appearance before the circuit with you, pointing your feet or body turning towards you, and so on, because I want to contemplate this in a simple and non-scientific way.
So, ladies, I hope you solve this little issue of how often the guy who sits across from you in the restaurant feels about you. Think you have only a platonic relationship, or something more?

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