Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to restore a girlfriend after an argument?

At the beginning give it time to cool down and make her simmer down emotions. There's reason to say that the morning is wiser than evening. In the meantime, think about what happened.What is your fault? Why have you acted wrongly? What could you do differently? This is important because if you think a good explanation of why you should make peace, you need to know what you are mistaken. She will want to see that you realize you've made ​​and how much you've hurt.

Do not obsess. You must give it room to breathe. Courageous and determined the call and ask for an interview. Avoid to do so through social networks, various chats and text messages. You must show that you mean business and are ready to take responsibility. Such an impression you get if you send her a private message on Facebook that still contains both a wink ... a submissive.

It probably will not immediately want to find with you. This is understandable. However, all women love when men fight for them. You yourself know the fairy tale about princes and princesses. But while the prince came to them on a white horse and just kiss the princess in real life is a little harder. Girls have their heads with which to think. Anyway, after a certain time, for example, a couple of days, call again and ask to speak. Tell her that you really want to say some things, clarify the situation and above all to say what you feel. Be at the same calm and peaceful.

Choose a relaxed place where you can talk. It would be good to be the location that you both have sentimental value. Quiet and small cafe where you often drink coffee in the beginning of a relationship, or your park bench. You will provide to remember these little things, and with it will play the emotional card.

You need to decide whether to carry a gift or not. In the movies, the man always humble view appears with roses or a slimy candy. This in most cases will not work. It will work abnormally.But if you can think of something personal, something that she likes or wants, to be sure to pass.

The interview will of course be the weird, uneasy atmosphere will be tense. But do not be discouraged. You find a woman you love and you have unfortunately violated. It is necessary to fix things. Sometimes the question: "How are you?" Can result in real strife because it believes that it is absurd to ask you. And once that question turns. You must assess your own situation.In any case, her first attempt to explain why you wanted to find her. Try to explain to her why it is important to you.

Passes to your side of the story. Ask her to listen to it all the way. At the same time do not play the victim. We sincerely acknowledge how and why some things happen. Try to talk safely, quietly and without raising your voice.

Emphasize that you are aware that it was wrong and that you're sorry. You must be convincing to show that she can trust again.

Do not look for an answer immediately. Tell her to use good judgment and then you can find again. Thus it is not put under pressure and give her time to think. She will appreciate it.

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