Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to win on the first date?

One of the hardest things to do is to start finding things to talk about. No matter how eloquent and socially intelligent were, most are on a first date or completely withdraw, or turn into a waffle machine. Talk on the first date to slip, to be enjoyable and spontaneous, and the best way to achieve "spontaneous" conversation has come up with a few aces up his sleeve, shaped in a number of universal phrase. And without talking about the discussion of meteorological phenomena such as: "This time is really changing."
Clever Phrase # 1: Tell me about it ...

Women and men alike love to talk about themselves. If the person you go to the junction of the story about something, the worst thing you can do is to stop the sentence: "Yes, it happens to me when ..." Instead of turning the story on himself, show interest in another person. In addition it will look as good to listen to the speaker, you will learn something about that person and help start a conversation on another date.

Clever Phrase # 2: What do you think about ...

We all have our beliefs and thoughts and love them to defend and argue. If you are a staunch vegetarian, chances are you will not get along with true carnivores. In such situations, the worst to impose its opinion to another, because small differences between people can become a problem if you do not give room for diversity. It is therefore advisable to start, even when you do not know the person with whom you have to blend, formulate questions in a way that allows another person to express their preferences without worrying how it will look in your eyes. In this context, the sentence: "I support Hajduk" advisable to replace the question: "You are watching the football."

Clever Phrase # 3: I've never looked for one side

Inevitably it will happen to your partner told something it does not agree. In this case, it is sometimes better to count to 10 and say something diplomatic, like: "I never looked at it from that side." This statement will not express agreement with a partner, but no disagreement that will avoid a potentially awkward situation. This phrase is especially good when combined with the phrase number 2 Of course, this is applicable in the case of small differences in thinking, if your partner told something like: "Being gay is sick", feel free to get up and leave it that I pay the bill.

Clever Phrase 4: It's very nice of you to ...

Everyone likes to receive compliments and even men. "Well you is this color" or "You have beautiful eyes" are things that everyone likes to hear, but eventually fade and lose their meaning. Complimenting external characteristics is desirable, but a much larger effect is achieved by a review of one's inner qualities, such as personality, warmth, compassion ... A much better place: "You got super car," said: "It's very nice of you to drive me home (in his super car)."

Clever phrases 5: I appreciate that about you

Everyone likes to hear that something is well made, so do not miss the opportunity to praise your partner when you have a chance. If your partner tells the story of how he's raised voice in the head in order to get a raise, tell him you appreciate his courage and express admiration. With this procedure it will certainly grow in the eyes, as they will be proud of myself, and it will feel connected with the fact that in this moment with you. I will definitely be back for more.

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