Monday, March 26, 2012

How well do you know your partner?

Couples with long histories are less familiar than the young couples.
The majority believes that couples with several decades 'experience' best knowledge, no results 'on the ground' have shown otherwise. In fact, one U.S. study has found that people who have been together a long time tend to affect their preferences better than half the people who are less than about them.

This is 'older group' consisted of persons aged between 62 and 78 years who together average 40 years and 11 months. Respondents 'younger group' were aged between 19 and 32 years and together have an average of two years and one month. All were elderly couples living together, while only 39 percent of younger couples seemed unique household.

Each person is asked how much the couple loves some 40 dishes, 40 movies and 38 kitchen design, tea, and people are also provided answers to the question of how they think the same thing like their partners.

To assume that people who have spent 40 years together they know that their favorite meal of their husband or wife, but it was not often the case. They are much worse the more you know like their better halves and in all three categories. The information that is essential on a daily basis for the functioning of a couple who love food and who does not like, was the subject of the biggest differences in the responses of older partners.

Study author Peter Todd offered a few explanations: older couples do not notice it so much that their partner preferences change with age and believe that they know very well that their better half likes and dislikes. Also, after 40 years of marriage or living together, most couples believe that their connections are secure and to a lesser extent, to pay attention to each other.

'' People who have long together know a lot about each other (I guess). This is a very large amount of information and very easy to lose it. Surely they would be much easier to answer the question of what their partner likes to eat instead of his favorite dish. Furthermore, this information changes over time - and as we have written in my first article, 'Is it really a piece of a piece?': 'Understanding the process. It can last a lifetime, so make sure that what you see is really so. And not just in the beginning, but regularly during intercourse because all the change and the need to periodically update the picture. I still enjoy getting to know the dance'', commented on the clear and Jasmina Vuljević Bjelica, coaches and trainers to relate, whose articles have the opportunity to read and to practice.

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