Monday, March 26, 2012

I go out with the Mr. Wrong ?

10 signs telling you that your boyfriend is Mr. Wrong.
You meet interesting new boyfriend, a crush on each other and you began dejtati. How do you spend more time together, get to know and every day you learn something new about him.However, it clicks every few absolutely perfect from the first, and you are increasingly wondering whether he really the right person for you?

There are signs that will show you that your potential new boyfriend maybe totally wrong person for you.

First Behave differently

When you're with him, not his. Do you feel that you can not relax in his company and that you can be yourself. When you first meet a new person we are not completely relaxed, but if not do not resolve with time pressure, it might not be right for you.

Second You are not happy

Couples feel happy and when they are next to each other. If you feel in yourself that you are not happy, especially when you're with him, there is a chance that he is not the right person for you.Think about how you feel most of the time, are you nervous, agitated, confused and insecure.Negative emotions show that we are not satisfied with the current situation. Partners provide support to one another. With a loved one you should feel better, be more confident and believe in yourself. He should draw you into the best. And not the other way.

Third Loss of confidence

That we feel good in your own skin, a sign of positive self-esteem that is bursting out of us and has a positive effect on all around us. Connection with a guy that you like should only increase your confidence, not to sink it. Each year the attention, love to be loved and admired, but when the new connection works to be increasingly feel insecure about how you look, you say so., Then there is something definitely is amiss ...

4th Your friends are against your relationship

Close to people in your life, friends and family know how you were before you met him, they know your wishes and goals. Of course, they are not in connection with it, than you, but to the people that you want the best. People who love and trust to see that you are not satisfied, can appeal to you and the boy repeatedly violated, and shows no intention to change something.Your friends do not want to suffer and have an objective picture of your relationship.

5th He does not like your friends

Your best friend and friends do not have to be his friends. You do not have to work all together and you'll often want to do some things with other friends. But the separation from the company of your life is not good for a relationship. If you want to stay with him, he should fit into your group and the opposite, because you will not be until the end of life, just the two of you. Also, if you do not want to meet with their friends, there is a possibility that he is married or in connection with another.

6th Think of someone else

If you fantasize about other people and thinking to make it in connection with another, there is a chance that you are not currently with the right person.

7th I do not know where you are

On his mind often, you never know what he wants, and plans for your connection. I do not feel the safety in that regard. You see when he will and can. The whole relationship is going according to its terms and leisure. Also if you spend a lot of energy trying to make relationship work and feel that he is not trying, you must stop and ask yourself what is best for you.

8th Never talk

Deep conversations about feelings, wishes, dreams and hopes for the future are part of a healthy relationship, and help establish closeness. Of course the chemistry and sexual attraction is very important, but if your relationship is composed only of sex and superficial conversation, it is likely to remain on it.

9th Different goals

The problem is not small things, such as differences in taste in music or the foods you love. If you know that he holds on to their desires and goals in the future, you need to know are you ready for him to give up their goals. For example, if you know you want marriage and children, and he swore he would not, or if you live in the city, and in the future he plans to move to the country, but these are big differences. You may not agree and would rather wait in the hope that it will change my mind and agree with you, and he just waits.

10th I do not want to be alone

People are often lonely and if you are surrounded by loving couples, often enter into relationships because they do not want to be alone. If you are indifferent about his calls, joint meetings and all that he does when he is with you, you have the wrong person.

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