Monday, March 26, 2012

Is it worth it to stay in a bad marriage or bad relationship?

A bad marriage
Life is simply too short to spend it in a painful atmosphere of fear or rage, cursing and hating partners. I waiting for things to miraculously change for the better.
A bad marriage is just sick, and the point! 

Excuses like "I do not want to divorce for children" are usually rubbing eyes - their own or others, it is nonetheless. My parents are unhappy simply could not figure out, hated to be there for decades and hatred clearly demonstrated, but we still have not divorced, "the child" - in this case for me. Eh, that they at least remember to ask me what I think about everything ...
Convinced that marriage must be bad and not worth repairing what has been defined as irreparable, stayed together and continued the momentum with a miserable coexistence.
Not worth it to keep quiet, but it pays to fight for a better marriage
Now that we finally discovered the answer to this eternal question, and if you have already put on a coat and went to apply for a divorce - then you still have to stop.
Because so far you have heard only half the story, one in which you are talking to is not worth to stay in a bad marriage IF YOU DO NOT THINK I DO NOTHING. But not every case of bad connection is lost! If there is any hope, if you have enough patience and enough strength, then know that to save some marriages still worth fighting for - and we hope with all my heart and that your among them.
If you do not let things continue to run some of their own, and if you estimate that your relationship is to have a chance, then go into action! And just when you finally and definitely give up the fight, then pick up your things and get everyone on their side.

Prerequisites to save marriage
Unfortunately, saving a marriage will not be enough to wish that things get the better: there are some requirements that will tell you it really worth fighting and whether there is a real chance to change something. So here's what it is:
First You must truly want to save the marriage. You may find this requirement seems ridiculous - so you do not want to fix something, do you ever read this? But the thing is not at all banal, because fixing the marriage does not mean the change of partners (and only him), but the change of everything that is wrong in your relationship. If it includes some of your actions, then you also will have to adapt. Are you really ready for this?
Second It must be possible to reach out to partners. Can you even talk to your partner? Are you interested in what you say to him? Do you even realize that this marriage is not only possible, that there are better relationships and better ways to spend together? This is an important prerequisite, because you can only save a marriage together, if one builds, the other crashes, it will remain despite the mighty efforts of a pile of rubble and failed attempts - and sooner or later, it will get tired and that a constructive partner. I finally give up on everything.
Third You must know how to get a partner. Even if the previous condition is not met, or if your murky partner is not willing to help a relationship in repair, there are still some "bypass" mode.But these are complex, but the lesson to which we have yet to come! Immediately to warn you - it's not about any sort of instant-solution that will bring together over night.
4th There must be such a situation / environment that will allow you to accept the repair of marriage. This requirement will be less important if all the previous, but if you are not willing to change you or your partner, and even if you do not know to speak - then it will be a hostile environment that last detail that will kill the last chance to fix something. Under the environment usually think of people who surround you - the "friends" and hasty counselors, the living conditions, the dark secrets from the past that suddenly jump out into the open ... In short - all the things that could be further upset and force you to lose patience too quickly!

You can not save every marriage ... But maybe your still can?
So, dear readers, now you know why the same question does not fit all the same: in some cases it is clear that the environment is a major cause of conflict confused young couple, in others we see that communication between partners terribly upset, and some in turn clear that even the one who asks is not interested in the survival of the marriage. So what do you respond to such people?
However, in a bad marriage is not worth it to stay if you do not take any action to fix it and make into a better relationship. But if you intend to fight, if you feel that you have a chance, and that all is not lost, then we wish you all the luck and support you in such a plan. Do not wait for its own miracle!
In doing so, keep in mind that there are no guarantees of success, that it is possible that all the effort in the end prove futile. But even if the cards are stacked so eventually, you'll need at least easier to fall out once you've made sure that everything in your power to save your marriage or relationship. Well and good conscience is worth something!

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