Monday, March 26, 2012

Is there love at first sight?

Scientific studies show that the partners we choose unconsciously.
Is there love at first sight? Many people claim that they were to experience the experience, while others are convinced that it is not love. Scientists monitored the brain activity of a human claim is possible, and psychologists say that love at first sight depends on the psychological state in which people are at that point. The greater the possibility of falling in love when the person is open and ready for love, but when your head is full of problems.
According to some studies, it is only 30 seconds to conclude that the other person is worthy of our attention. Research at the University of Florida issued a finding that is enough for half a second to decide whether the person is a potential partner for us.

According to other theories, do not fall in love at first sight, but at first smell. Scientists say that a lot of attention to what we see and hear, but the smell of a person plays a major role in the impression that leaves us, but we do not know. People with physical appearance is an important partner are more likely to fall in love at first sight because they are traits that are important to them more visible from the interior features.

Many long-term stable relationships have begun feeling of mutual attraction and love at first sight. Physical attractiveness is primarily responsible for the current development of emotions and it is important because this way nature allows partners to choose for themselves. This is one reason why two people want to get to know better, but not sufficient for a long time.

Besides it is an important emotional appeal, and chemistry. When you match the physical attraction and chemistry, update and agree to the personality and life partner, then we can say that love at first sight exists.

There are many factors that influence whether we fall in love with someone. Research at Ohio University found that people in just a few minutes can decide what relationship they want with another person. Began with the romantic relationship from a very quick decision, because in such relationships crucial first impression.

Psychology professor John Buri says that love at first sight, the result of eliminating the subconscious process in which we exclude people who do not meet the criteria that we look for in a partner. When you know someone who fits most of our criteria, we scan it more deeply and thus unconscious processes reach just one person.

Dr. Glenn Wilson, Institute of Psychiatry King's College London, specializing in the research instinct in people, says that love at first sight is possible, but that often happens to men. Wilson argues that people create an image of your ideal partner to grow, as it already shows the age of three years. According to his explanation, when we see someone, you see the passion that awakens our interest. In men, the attraction is based on the image of their own mothers, and they are more likely to perceive physical properties. Women were more important relationship with your partner and want to see if a potential male breadwinner and protector.

Many people who experienced love at first sight to believe that something magical, and not something that science studies. No matter how love begins, slowly or quickly, on its development need not worry. The combination of intuition, hormones, chemical reactions and timing may be responsible for it, but love will always remain one of the spheres of life that can not be hundred percent sure of anything.

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