Monday, March 26, 2012

Men who do not need to go out

5 types of guys that it is desirable to avoid a wide berth. 
You must have at least once in their life went on Dejte who was so disappointing that you provide the necessary session with girlfriends that you are later analyzed in detail, "his type of man" elements "Dejte failed." An enumeration of errors committed and the dismantling of the prime factors of the situation may sometimes help.
However, to avoid in the future constantly zagledavali the men who will assign you a headache, we made a list of 5 types of guys who are not exactly the most desirable material for dejtanje.

First Now you see it, now you do not see

They left you with such a date and after that from him no sign. Just hanging went OK and nothing betrayed that your connection even global catastrophe (which you easily led to think that could happen other Dejte). No matter what you think, he nevertheless did not report. And just when you least expected it and when you have almost forgotten its existence, you get a call or message for the second out.

The only right you do not reject the call and forget it. No matter how busy he or part of the world has since resided, he could find a way to answer it. If he was concerned, appeared to be.But no. Therefore, such a simple cross, because if one did it, guaranteed to make it again.

Second In love with the former

The time you spend together the greater offense elapsed to mention his ex-girlfriend. No matter whether these things were positive or negative, it is important that it is on the agenda, and that certainly should be. As soon as the energy spent on it in the presence of a potential new girlfriend, be sure - still not gotten over it. And you are the one who should be helping him on this issue. While his problems with himself and does not resolve until the release of the former evil shadow that hangs over it, forget about romantic friendship as it will cause more harm than good.

Third Blast from the past

Even memorized his number in your phone you can not honestly could not remember the first of which is exactly the word. Now that you know who it is, you recall why you buried so deeply in the past, and it is not safe for some good reasons. What is it passed through my mind that moment when you decided to tell, even after more than obvious that you are ignoring it launched, I guess even that is not very clear.

The reason why you should stay occurred is known only to him. You do not have any more to do with it. For if, after such a long time been successfully forgotten, some remain so. Some just have to stay where you left them - in the past.

4th Sleek guy

The car drives constantly under fire prying eyes, an unidentified object that carries with it really is the last cry of technology in the world of cell phones, keys, a pendant on which the game is actually designed supersonic manicure kit. It is wonderful to know that there is one who takes care of her looks and appearance, but behind those expensive gadgets and fashionable toy for adults, hiding figure that is anything but - the cool kids. Their fears and lack of confidence behind expensive eye and interesting products. Do not be blinded by such stuff, because they are hiding behind someone who will hurt you before the guy with whom you went to the nerves leaving dirty socks under the bed and wearing brown shoes in the black suit.

5th That figure can not move your hands off you

Touching you whenever they find opportunity. Even where this is not appropriate. Almost every part of your body is able ispipati touched. If he tries to explain his behavior in a way that you are so irresistible that he can not help it - believe it not.

Even if you look like an irresistible sex bomb, one must know how to control next to you and find the right place and time for such an interaction. His behavior indicates a lack of respect for you and only truth is that if you now it is not enough, you will not get any later.

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