Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mistakes that will ruin your relationship

A connection that began surprisingly nice and gentle, yet ended. You feel pathetic while hugging the pillows where you think you made ​​a mistake. When you pass the sadness of disconnected fragments and assemble to learn more mistakes you should not repeat.

Instead of blaming the breakup relationship partner, try to realize the mistakes that you have done. Do not blame yourself, rather than face their shortcomings and correct them. It is time to learn what are the mistakes that lead to the destruction of relationships.
First Pretending to be all right, but not
You know the situation when you are angry and wounded, and he asks you what you said. You just quietly answer - nothing, everything is fine. You expect him to read your thoughts, but men do not know how to work. "If something is wrong, you have to say it loud and clear," advises psychologist Sabrina Doto It.
Second Criticism
No one likes criticism, especially if it is something that is repeated every day. "People are more motivated by praise and recognition. It is better to boast when partners do something good, but it is always done when you criticize something you do not like it because it will not bear plodoma," says psychologist Karen Campbell.
Third Unclear communication
Many women are expected to hit their partner wants and needs. "Communication about the most important thing. Clear and open dialogue is a necessity so that partners know what they want, where are the problems and how to solve them. Open talks together and create greater intimacy. There will always be problems, but they are best solved by talking" , said Campbell.
4th Sharing intimacy
While you're on, you are still two people and everyone has to keep his privacy to a reasonable extent. You do not need a partner to reveal all the details of their previous relationships. This is not information that will help develop your relationship. On the contrary, it could shake.

5th Negligence
Men love when women are careful with them, so do not neglect them. "They expect the women to help them to feel special. Cook their favorite meal, make a dessert like that, and tend to them when they are sick," advises psychologist.
6th The only responsibility in connection
The woman is not solely responsible for the connection and relationship. "This is a wrong attitude which are prone to many women. Connection is a community of two people, each person has their share of responsibility for success, but also for the failures. So, two are in the game," says psychologist Araujo Thays.
7th Iskorišavanje its weaknesses
"The qualities of a man to boast, but for his weakness should have an understanding and respect. Be a man and help him when he is in trouble. If you recognize something, a problem at work, for example, it is because you believe. Do not tamp him later to the nose because you can never be delegated, "said Sabrina Doto Any psychologist.

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