Monday, March 26, 2012

Myths about women who create movies and series

Movies and Series creates a picture of women. You might even think, "but they are really such a" little better than if you do not think.

Myths about women who create movies and series

Are obsessed with weight and fat when they are not
As a rule, women take care of yourself, but if you have the perfect look like Džulijee Roberts will appeal to the need to lose weight. It may be possible to boast how much time they spend practicing.

Angry for no reason
Probably every woman knows anger, and that there is no good reason, but some women are just angry for no reason and yelling at everyone around you happy.

Conflicts between family - a job
Most women trying to juggle work and family, but in many romantic comedies, women are so caught up careers that do not have time for love, a film helps them discover the true value in life - to find a man. But when you think about it so that the average woman who works from 9am do17h, a job that could have prevented the afternoon go out and do not socialize with anyone.

Open quarrel women
No matter what they think about their secret collaborators or competitors in most women is educated enough and confident that they will not encroach into the restaurant, at work or anywhere else on the woman that for some reason can not stand.

If you make a female character in the movie too perfect no one will be able to relate to him, but as an actress can not compromise your look, if action is not interesting to her normal job, there can not be a complete jerk as spectators will not be nice, then they writers like to add smotanost.Most of the characters in the films was clumsy more than any average woman.

Women and shopping
Women love shopping, at least more than men, but no woman will be so much craze around good pair of shoes or any piece of clothing. Unless you are trying to emulate your favorite character from the soap opera or film, most women will be quite okay to enter the store and ask for their shoe size to be tried if they want to buy, without dramatizing, elevated tone, jumping for joy or anything that is so often 've seen on film.

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