Sunday, March 25, 2012

The perfect gift for a woman

Let's face it, if there was a sports discipline in which women were stronger than men, it would certainly be romantic. In it swim like fish, jump over hurdles as a gazelle, and let down our guard every advantage for the knockout without mercy. Dear, it must be admitted - of something still better. 

While we experience the romance as a task by difficulty level mathematical equation in which we are all unknown, and Nadab, and the solution does not bites, women live for romance. They remember every anniversary, every memorable moment of your links and never miss the gift.Therefore, they are professionals in this field like no other. When someone is so loaded, be professional and not difficult. The average man who (by comparison), the proportional attention following the Champions League, will also be able to confidently predict the results for the next decade. Furthermore, the experienced beer drinkers, easily recognize the difference between the diluted of draft and draft beer. Also, to assess the type of women's panties under jeans, an experienced eye should not be more than one perspective. However, in choosing the right gifts for her, it seems to us no two lives would not be enough. Therefore, we will help you with some advice.


If you are wondering, and probably was, as she always knows what I want, the answer is simple.Women are burdened with care. Follow what you love, what you want, when you listen to talk ... on the basis of easily choose exactly what we hoped. On the one hand, it is good for us, but on the other's not, because the same kind of relationship, and women expect from us to them. Just can not be said that we are enthusiastic to follow her every word, because we think 90% of meaningless babble that would take time for something smarter. However, there is a way to solve this problem. Engage your attention about a month of holidays, which denote. She will talk you through the safe in a time squeeze what it is like to be present. When the listen and buy just what we dreamed it, you'll be her hero, a hero of the right to be in the next moment off again.These are solved with a little gift of attention, but to keep her attention, we encourage you to sepovremeno again, just to see how things are.


Women EMOtionals, and to show at every turn. Cry watching a sad movie, the tragic fate of frozen sparrow, because of torn socks .. Men do not do such things, it does not mean that they are not emotional, but only because men and women like them. This gene brutality, left us by our ancestor who even love for the woman showed a sharply hit by the bludgeon her Tintar.However, it is sometimes permissible guard down and let the emotions. They love women and that, but the measure.

They all attach some importance, and because none of her gift to you is no novel in the background, among whose ranks are hidden messages that you have to figure out. Do not worry, you do not have to decipher them, by every means she likes you (that are romantic, does not mean that innovative). Order it and you too. Your gift does not have to cost millions. Save her romantic breakfast with a sweet note, chocolate, rose, massage her feet while she eat breakfast creative! Or it simply, to one day be a slave. Go for a walk, to your place of someone, remember who loves film, start your day notes of her favorite songs .. There are a million little things free that you can buy her love.

Size is still important

Of course, you can opt for the normal variant - flowers, chocolates, perfume, jewelry, dinner in a good restaurant .. but whatever is decided from this offer, do not save as a result of this gift is to show her that she was something special for you. Therefore, the gift should be something special. If we put aside all the romance, attention, and the hidden meanings of other terms that are listed above, we are left with the fact that women are like magpies (do not tell her this) - they like everything that shines. So her and give shine on what will long be remembered to this day and night. However, make sure to be something that will appeal to it, or you will end up with overpaid disappointment.

That's why the romance for the average man heavier than lead ...

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