Monday, March 26, 2012

Seven reasons to live in two

If in doubt, you might convince me otherwise!

First You will spend more time together

Surely you will be known following scenario - clock rings at six o'clock in the morning, and you need sleep and podbuhlih eyes lifting up out of bed and go to work. Followed by coffee, a relaxing conversation with colleagues, and then eight hours of hard work. No, your liabilities that are not stale because there was always something that must urgently be done in the city. If you do, and even an activity like sports, there's no way to get home before eight o'clock, nine o'clock. After such a day you have no more strength to meet with his love, and that you are at the same time and in good spirits. Do you live together, you're sure you'll see it every day, if in no other way - in bed before going to sleep!

Second You will become closer

When two people live together, sharing everything from bedroom to bathroom. Although you may seem intimidating this actually is not very nice when you have absolutely nothing to hide his partner. You will feel fulfilled, free and comfortable in their skin, just because your partner accepts it as it is, even with a green mask for pimples on the face.

Third 'll Spice up sex life

Surely you are tired of thinking about whether you are home alone, when your parents or roommates must be returned, or how much time you have for making love "in peace" without someone does not stop. Now, when you live together, no more traps for your sex life. You can do it anytime and anywhere - in the shower, the kitchen table ... Let your imagination carry you!

4th Finance will be easier

Do you live in pairs, will be shared overhead expenses, food and household goods and you will succeed and you save a dollar a month and to afford something that you enjoy.

5th Will be shared housework

When you get home from work, you can share the housework - you're cooking, and he saves the house and washing machine. Or vice versa. I know very well that sometimes have a "masculine" hand in the house when squeaks. Yet your guy probably more adept at changing the rubber pipi.

6th You will feel safer

All women need men's protection. The feeling that you have a strong man in the house in which you embrace the intangible will relax you after everyday stress. Also, if evenings you hear some strange noises near you frantically call the police but would like your beloved true hero to come out to see what happens.

7th It will increase your self-confidence

We all have doubts - "Did he good enough?", "Do you really love me?", "Think I'm too fat" and the like. If you agree to live together these things will not bother you as a man, as much as you like and as long as you are committed, the price of peace and it is a very big thing together. So if you want to - then you truly love, and what a woman can no longer raise confidence of a man who loves her? 

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