Monday, March 26, 2012

Signs of crisis in the marriage

They loved it and lived happily ever after ... Something like that fairy tale ending that our mom was reading when we were little - and so somehow we strive to live, once they finally find their prince or princess. But as usual, but, life and fairy tales do not run and do not end the same way.
The most common signs of crisis in marriage.
First sign of problems in marriage: the constant strife
When we previously wrote about quarrels and marriage, we said that occasional disagreements need not be bad. On the contrary, sometimes it's little opportunity to "ventilate" their marriage.Throw yourself from anger, clearly (and loudly, if not go otherwise) from time to time to let your partner know what you bothered in his behavior.

But now we are talking about something else: the arguments that are not aimed at tackling the problem, but serve only to hurt his partner and retaliate, to take revenge for an earlier offense.

Think for a moment and answer honestly (to themselves): how and why you start a fight? And when quarrels cease, how you feel: Do you glad you finally spoke frankly, and you are sorry that your partner the way you threw in a pot head? This is the first sign of crisis in marriage, but the latter may be.

Second Silence - lack of communication - when a picture, and no tone

This is somewhat the reverse of the frequent quarrels, and on the other hand again, as symptomatic of a marriage in crisis. If a partner withdraws from the verbal battle and attempt to save the marriage, are likely to be withdrawn anyway because it is considered that the relationship beyond repair.

Such silence is contagious and is spreading steadily among you: Partners in time cease to talk about problems, and then the standard themes and commitments, and eventually they realize that they actually live two parallel and independent life. If you ask us, and the feud between these but we chose silence shouting: anger is at least a sign that the partners are still many - so much care about saving links!

Third Lying in marriage - when does it turn into a big lie

There is (still) do not talk about infidelity and lies which the partners are trying to cover up fraud in the marriage. No, now we talk about the lies that avoiding unpleasant topics - and there is increasing with time. He wants to spend Saturday night with friends, and she feels that out of my skin if you do not buy new shoes, but do not want to admit it, but come up with imaginative lies that Zamet traces behind.

These lies eventually becoming greater as a snowball which is rolling down the hill, until you discover that there actually does not know the partners. And when you finally expose the lies, shall perish without the confidence which it is impossible to build a strong bond.
Want to know if your marriage is in crisis? Count the lies that you hear from the partners, or have it framed for you.

4th Physical removal - or, my dear, I go out again tonight with friends, or work longer, or have done something

One of the strongest signs of the crisis in marriage is physical removal. If your partner makes up the most unbelievable reasons in order to sort out the house and spent time with someone else (still not talking about the scam), you should probably consider how to develop your marriage.

Of course there are people who need a little more "air" and seeking more space for itself, but the question is whether both partners feel the same? If we agree on this issue, no problem, but if your needs are very different, it is very likely that this incompatibility eventually become a generator of new conflicts, and all of you further away from each other.

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