Thursday, March 15, 2012

What love can you give?

There are plenty of romantic disappointment, as it expects more of love than you can give. Because so often the initial enthusiasm is replaced by a feeling that this is not the right thing, what is ardently desired. Therefore, some resigned, and conclude that there is no love, while others go from relationship to relationship, vainly searching for true love.

The initial enthusiasm love waking hopes to be fulfilled expectations. Disappointment and cooling occur when faced with the fact that it does nothing.

What do you love can not provide a very often expect?

Love can not regain lost confidence.
We demand of a loved one that believes in us so that we, indirectly, believe in themselves. In vain, of course. Our confidence depends on us, not the other, no matter how close we were.

Love can not replace self-esteem.
From a loved one many expect worship. Expected to set them above all, to overcome the painful feelings of inferiority. The point, however, is reversed. Who does not value themselves, will believe that he or anyone else really cost.

Love will not rid us of self.
Rather, the self-loathing comes from feeling nevoljenosti. Who does not love yourself, it will not even believe that someone else likes. Who is himself dismissed, he will not accept others' help.

Love us not relieve feelings of guilt.

Love us not relieve fears and inhibitions.

Other people's love will fill the internal void, and will not give meaning to a meaningless life.

Love will not rid us of ourselves and the problems that we carry in ourselves. Our domestic agenda is included in our relationship with another person to destroy it.

We also love shall not relieve the obligation to actively participate in their lives and solve all the external problems that arise daily. Loved one can do it for us, although it is often expected.

Love is one of those words that are attached to so many different meanings that are easily abused.

Emphasize what you love is not quite Sigrun.

Love is not slavery, although in many relationships is expected to be a different man, in the name of love, renounce their own will. Love, on the contrary, means respecting others' freedom.

Love is not abuse, although too often exploited in the name of love.

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