Monday, March 19, 2012

What men are irresistible to women?

Each time a man gets 'basket' is said to eat could do something better, as it should be to succeed at it. Although no definitive rules and the ultimate solution, there are some types of men that women fall more often. Well look who it types and how you can easily turn into one of them. 

Rebel Without a Cause

James Dean has become synonymous with the rebels who are fighting without a reason against imposed rules. He wants to be special even though he does not even know why it would be. We women know - because of his disinterested attitude towards the rest of the world. He is alone against all, and we want to be his better half. Adventure, illegal things, violations of the rules - what a good mother's desire girls. One part that enjoys the simple unadjusted comparison, while others want to change and take the right path. There are many reasons why these wicked rebels attractive.
Most women have a shelf life. Attracting and while we want to defy the world around them, and this is somehow going up to the middle 20tih, if ever. Unfortunately, a rebel without a cause that is dreamy and confused view of women that fall, and when somewhat opamete. Apparently not enough.

Unlike their rebel who wants to be unacceptable behavior is special, the artists are just that, and because they are so attractive. We can listen for hours to re discussing the deeper perspective image of an artist unknown to us or the staff enthusiastically recounts his favorite movie.Dreamily listening to him and we melt it because in a world that seems magical, fairy tale, and anything but ordinary. With him and want to feel fabulous. We must and we have something special in it when we are seduced by one artist. Crystallize very quickly that what someone considers himself an artist, does not necessarily mean that he really is. Often it turns out that the artist was the same scoundrel who languish, and through his art furke wants to be special.

It had it's every woman - a man for whom we secretly or less quietly sighed, and he was busy, or uninterested, or gay. A lot of us are comforted that the latter is so because the "truth" was less painful. While some stood in love only to observe and sustains like a professional detective, others have tried to destroy his relationship and convert it to a female. If by any chance "unattainable" into yet attainable man, game over, and not so interesting. Its charm is that it is not ours and can not be ours. As in Hollywood romantic comedies. We are pretty leading actress is suffering, but its beauty and wisdom in the end conquered its secret heart of love. As life is not a film, and "unattainable" in most cases remain gay, in connection with my girlfriend, and we will remain in memory as the perfect man who could not be ours. Yes, that is why we savrลกen.Idealizirale it because of its unattainability.

Charming, suave, smart and funny. And in most cases convenient. He has a magical attraction, and his company of all women are tupasto snicker at his every joke. Yes, he is a deceiver, and that is all too aware. He knows exactly what works and how to do it. At least once each woman fell on the words of the seducer. One less, others more. It's nice when someone so "professional" deceive. And also a "nice" when you leave a professional.

Mister Popular
While in high school it was the most popular guy who is attracted more attention than his handsome body, brains, the faculty that is the intellectual kulerski for which we all know from the lectures, and teachers greet him in the hallway. At work it is maher his craft. Yes, the popular and are popular among women. Success, power, Suite fans. Not need further explanation. With him we are also successful and popular. So I guess it goes.

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