Monday, March 19, 2012

When to hang up?

Usually the feeling in the stomach is the first sign that things are not properly in your relationship, you feel something is wrong, that something has changed and not for the better.Perhaps these feelings start to show as anger and cold where it once was for the kindness and warmth of a partner, and this may be the first signs that something is missing and that the relationship begins to deteriorate or be just another phase in your relationship that you have to go through. Well, to know exactly which is which?

There are other signs that you may provide a solution to the deterioration of the relationship or you save it, and some of the most common are:
First Increase feud
If you have previously agreed on almost everything, and now is constantly disagree, arguing it could be a sign that things are headed towards your relationship worse. It may be more dramatic if your partner is now seeking a permanent error and grumbling for every little thing, and begins a fight for no reason.

Second Reduction of passion
If you've enjoyed a good sex life with your partner, and it suddenly stops for no apparent reason, it could be a sign that something is wrong, although there is little natural mode during a call when they have locked certain circumstances, but if your partner refuses your seduction over a long period - it could be a warning sign.

Third Avoid each other
Of course, you can not always be together, but if you were close and spent a lot of time socializing in the common talking, holding hands or kissing, and begins to dwindle to a level when you begin to avoid each other, it is a sign that more not enjoy the presence of each other, and a warning sign that the relationship is slowly disappearing.

4th Jealousy
Suddenly, if your partner starts flirting with the obvious sign that you want to do so jealous, that's a warning sign that your partner feels insecure and seeking attention, or it may be a sign that is sincerely trying to seduce someone new for the loss of attraction towards you.

5th Interference of family members
If your partner starts to use family members - eg. children - against you, then this is an indication of the danger of, involvement of family members could only create discord and create the contenders in your relationship.

6th Increase Depending
If your partner suddenly showing increased dependence on you, then the problem arises, it may mean that he noticed that something is wrong with you and all the forces you to keep trying.

7th Fear or depression
If your partner suddenly shows fear (anxiety) or fall into depression, it is a sign of trouble, may mean that there are unresolved issues, so if there is no obvious reason being that, your relationship can run into big problems.

8th Expectation of change
If your partner suddenly wants to change, it is a sign that something is missing, it can be shown that is not happy with the way things work, so the link could go downhill.

9th Implementation of too much time at work
If your partner suddenly begins to spend more time at work or with friends than with you, it is a sign that something is wrong.

10th Secrecy
If your partner becomes secretive, it is a warning sign, if it seems to hide the things you or letter, or begins to spend more time on the Internet, you found a new love in life.

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