Monday, March 26, 2012

Which tend to break the fall?

The new study, published in the journal 'Journal of Health and Social Behavior' has shown that men are much more sensitive than women assume. The study included 1.611 respondents men and women, aged between 18 and 23 years, who were never married. 

The researchers found that, as was assumed, women become depressed after the break.However, men go through different degrees of suffering.
Lead researcher, sociologist Dr. With Robin Simons 'Wake Forest' said that the university itself surprised by the result. It is known that among older couples of both sexes undergoing stress when it comes to hard times. But younger men are different, says Dr. Simons, because they have a "thinner skin".

'Today's boys are vulnerable in relationships. Tensions and conflicts are harmful to them than the women "said Simons. She says that after the termination of men will not admit they are depressed, it will show an increased level of stress so you will not exaggerate the vices.

Dr. Simons also states that women have become emocinalno stronger than before, and to explain women's friendships. The men's main source of intimate partner exactly, and when the connection is lost they are left without support. On the other hand, women have strong links with their friends, which is a significant 'network for rescue when things are about to become ill.

Simons also explained that the twin trends of a new route the younger generation.

'Today's young people have grown up in a culture of divorce. Even though their parents are divorced, the parents of their friends are safe. They know they are fragile intimate relationships.Their fathers probably depend on my mom's plate 'suits Simons asked what this change in relationships.

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