Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why can not forget first love?

All will agree that "first love never dies", but do you know why?

Studies have shown that we remember because, in fact, is a traumatic experience. First love activates the special relationships in neurons caused by a mixture of fear and anxiety.

What we call "butterflies in the stomach" is actually a cocktail of emotions such as anxiety, fear and obsessiveness. When you add passion and physical attraction, get a "mixture" that we call first love.

The first, an intense feeling of love causing specific neural responses that are different but no less powerful than the reaction occurring in the second, third and any subsequent fall in love, writes "News".

However, the first love remains deeply engraved in us because when you activate the parts of the brain that are responsible for the management mechanisms of addiction and mental balance.Interestingly, however, that first love is quite different from "real". In fact, the true love activates a completely different parts of the brain associated with motivation. Therefore, it is always less obsessive than the first.

Psychiatrist Donatella Maraciti, author of "The nature of love," confirms these results. She says the first strong sense of activated parts međumozga influenced by the amygdala, which literally drunk neurons and results, he says, "biochemical storm".

First love is sometimes the right move for what is "guilty" oxytocin, which turns off the zone activates the amygdala and parts of the brain associated with pleasure. In short, anxiety and tension eventually becomes a pleasure.

However, more often first love remains only the first, and Dr. Mariceti to explain the fact that our brains are not ready for such changes prior to 19th or 20 year.

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