Monday, March 26, 2012

Why do men break with women?

7 reasons why men break the connection.
If you look around a bit you will notice that men are actually a lot harder to break the ties of women. Men will talk more, be up in arms, angry, yelling and all, but rarely will leave the girl or the family. They are easier to bring a woman to the conclusion that she left him. But there are other cases.
In this story, it does not matter whether you want the man to solve or keep it, in any case you must know the 7 reasons why they close the connection.

First Loss of freedom

Some men really are not prepared to go further on and it can be a big problem when one wants the next step, a second should be 5 or 10 years for this decision. This often happens when a woman wants her engagement, wedding or baby. Some men was enough to push, no one will escape only to not have to take responsibility. Many will conclude that a man does not love you enough to leave his wife, but sometimes in spite of love rather break the connection for fear of losing freedom.

Second Failure opportunity

Men also fear they will miss a good chance to love life. And whether they had a nice and intelligent woman next to him most will not meet until the end of appetites. They just love to be on the court and ask for the greener grass. So when they saw a new opportunity, addressed the liability. And again we return to their desired freedom which is so difficult.

Third Demand the respect and admiration

Studies have shown that men often break because they feel more feminine fascination with them and find that it does not respect it enough. These things are perceived through the happiness and satisfaction of a woman who was near them. When you do not get more than a woman, soon fled.

4th Ghosts of the past

Some men have really been hurt more and you do not want to let someone close to them. If i get into the swiftly running away, because you do not want to tie anybody. Just like some women, men can stay in the past, in the mind with a former love, or maybe someone you have never won so no prežalili. Therefore, these men can not be in a deep connection with another woman, and easy going.

5th Women's Friendship

Men are too crazy when girls listen to what they advise friends. And if you listen to rather than a friend's advice, there is a critical situation. It might be best to take care of the women recounted when they come home to her husband or boyfriend, because sometimes it is better that they know less about your issues and conclusions.

6th Leave aside the family

When the boys is the worst in every fight, and sometimes break, the women draw their family.They do not feel good when your mom, sister and the rest of the family knows all his weaknesses and shortcomings, and when they finally reconcile, it is not surprising that your parents are still watching the celebrations and Sunday lunches, somewhat scornfully. The second phase is to avoid starting on your family and so on until the last stage where it no longer wants to be even with you, because you put in the same (negative) basket with them.

7th Separate lives

Men generally avoid female companionship, especially if they are caught in a trap when you have to listen to a few women talking excitedly about fashion, beauty treatments and relationship problems. Being related does not mean spending time with some non-stop. And before I joined a couple, each separately had his hobbies, various company meetings and motives to do so during the men just do not like to participate in all your activities. They say they would like to see women just do not lead anywhere but to have an understanding and assess when it is time to socialize, and when the self.

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