Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why do men cheat?

Many experts have for decades engaged in adultery, but few managed to penetrate the essence of this phenomenon. Irish theater director and playwright Peadar de Burke claims to have found the answer to the question of why men cheat women, which is much simpler than previously thought. 

According to theater director, who is researching adultery devoted five years, its roots lie not in a strong sex drive, genetics, or saturation of his partner, but men do it because they can.

De Burka over the years met with over 250 men in the UK, of all ages and professions. His interviewees are between 25 and 65 years, some very pleasing to the eye, some quite unattractive, and among them are doctors, lawyers, football players and eccentric rich people.All of them shared one thing - they cheated at least once a woman, but only 40% was found.Others walked away with the fraud and continued to cheat, including those who have discovered his wife and forgave them.

According to De Burkina words, adulterers are not ashamed of it, on the contrary - so much like to talk about their affairs, that one gets the impression that all this work to be praised. However, the thing is that actually to cheat his wife out of boredom and a desire to meet life, not because they can not resist the particular beauty. In other words - because they can.

Exploring the other side, De Burka talked with 60% cheated lady and noticed that they suffer from a lack of confidence and courage. Only three were ever left the unfaithful husbands, while others allow their husbands to pull the nose, and some of them appeared to believe that men cheat because they are neglected. "When the woman learned that she was mistaken, I somehow managed to turn that she feels guilty. I told her it was because I ignored it and did not want sex often enough.  At the end of it apologizing, "said one of the husbands.

Uncertainty is not unique to women that men cheat, but those same men who are not really any seducers but cowards who do not want to deal with problems in their relationship, according to De Burka, who says that since we now know the reason of fraud, and we know Prevention: Be confident, demand attention and let him know that he is happy that you have it will not get another chance.

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