Monday, March 26, 2012

Why get married?

From time immemorial men go hunting, and women regulate home. However, how eager we are to nest.
Tan tan tan tan tan tan tan tan tan ... tananana tana na na na .... Do you dream at night as you move forward down the aisle in a white dress, all looking at you, and when the chosen person turns to you, you suddenly wake up ...
From childhood we head full of that wonderful wedding event where everyone is happy and cheerful. Marriage begin to look like dancing, cake and a white dress. Sometimes we do not know what they are actually getting into, just know that to be done.

Often times we hear, "Oops married because we have a long meeting" or "ma mom already tormented me when similar questions and we will." And why do we actually want to marry is an open question. The answer is the most beautiful and people love your life, not meat cakes and relatives.

And if by chance we do not have the pretenders to the throne of her husband, after the twenties that is the problem. Not fully ourselves, but our society that puts pressure. After a while, maybe even fall under question when you get married you think? And ask yourself the same question.

Mr. and Mrs. Married Married

Then the problems begin. Every man is a potential, if only one who buys milk at the store in front of you and every wedding dress in the window is just perfect for you. Friends are divided into married and unmarried, you become a problem going back to the empty apartment.

Perhaps we should pause before you exceed in a completely different person than you are. Open your eyes and ask yourself which means the paper signed by Mr. and Mrs. Married Married.What benefit, if we are not alone in the apartment, because when there is no love like we are. Not one paper does not burn long enough to get us warmed nights.

Marital therapist Melita Stipančić explains how today's understanding of marriage completely changed from what the former.

- No more problem quickly enter into a marriage, because divorce is no longer ashamed. Today you give people more freedom to leave the marriage, which it no longer meets, - says Melita.

A divorced or single?

If a woman has been divorced many times considered to be experienced, and who is not married confused. However, it would be nice to break the prejudice, not over-generalize and every woman to look like an individual who alone can decide whether you want a ring on her finger.

- It is known "until death do us part" in the 21 th century can be transformed into "while going go", and enter into a marriage is considered a kind of adventure. The wider trend towards the rapid fulfillment of needs, without investing time and energy in the healing of marriage - says Melita Stipančić

Marriage is the icing on the cake a mature love, not the result of complex behavior conditioned environment. Walking down the aisle, the sound of a piano and a nice white dress is just a dream when we know that the man who is waiting for us at the bottom of the church who truly love.

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