Thursday, March 15, 2012

You can be happy when you're single

Emotional fulfillment is possible, believe it or not, without the opposite sex. 

Love is a wonderful feeling, and life when you are on can be as emotionally fulfilling and happy. Society we live in expects to find the ideal partner and we believe that life without the other person may not be complete.

Nowadays more and more free people who do not want to meet with anyone and voluntarily choose solitude. However, there is a difference between solo girls accept their status as free and happy are those who constantly feel like they are missing something.

Many single women become isolated and distanced from the environment, and all the feelings that are not complete, and because they are convinced that they can not be happy without a partner.

Such a life can lead to frustration which we live our lives as if the dress rehearsal, or waiting for a better future. We only have one life and when you find the meaning of his life, and the outside will see that we are happy, so was much greater possibility that we will attract a better partner and love. Finding happiness is not in connection with another person, but in ourselves.

Fear of the single life interventions many free people, who reflect on the practical side of single life, like paying bills, repairs at home until the illness.

Eric Klinenberg in the book "Going Solo" writes how to live when you are not married. Explains that more people go free than married, going to restaurants, cafes and participate in social activities and more to socialize with friends and neighbors.

Robert Alberti and Bruce Fisher in his book "Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends", according to the single life has become more acceptable in our society. Not long ago, the unmarried men in certain age was seen as being weirdos who were unable to find a marriage partner. Many people living in unsatisfactory relationships because they are afraid to be alone.On the other hand, many women who are alone, they are not satisfied with your life and I can not believe that their lives can be happy without a partner.

Jan Mekvariš, a sociologist at the University of Kent, studied the lives of single women between 35 and 50 year. The author of the research paper "Understanding the popularity of the single life" revealed that increasing group of households with a free working women. Today there is no pressure to do a certain age to marry and give birth, and women who are satisfied with their careers and lives do not feel a void in the area of ​​life.

Most important is how a person feels, but people are far more difficult to imagine how they will feel in a few years. It is impossible to know if you've been missing and will you be happy in the future, and this torturing suspects many singles, hard Mekvariš. The belief that something is missing, burdening the people, and thus it is difficult to find happiness and satisfaction, even when one enters the link.

To be happy, you have to accept his life as the greatest treasure you have.

First Honesty with yourself

The first step is to learn to be alone, and that means to know, appreciate and understand them.Fisher and Alberti argue that many people who are married have missed this important step.They have not learned to be happy as singles before they were tied.


Life happens at the present time and not waiting for trial or when you have a relationship with someone. When you are burdened by the fact that you are on, it prevents you from participating in their lives. Do not let loneliness prevents to live life as you wanted to live.

Third Stop running the S PAST

Many singles are burdened by their past experiences and fear that it will happen again in the future. To live a happy life now, you have to learn to forget the bad things of the past. You may not believe you can leave the past where her place, but when you finally do, you will be able to move on as a happy person.


Singles often forget the good things that life offers and waiting time will be about to begin really to live. Just because you're alone, you do not have to deprive yourself of things that will entertain you, She says.

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