Sunday, March 25, 2012

You might be happier separated from each other

These couples live in a kind of limbo, constantly wondering would you be happier that they are together because they are everyday "eating" fun gone, but love still remains ... 
Couples whose relationship after a few years into a relationship gently and faithfully suputništvo, but completely devoid of passion, the main theme of the new book by Pamela Haag, "confidential marriage". Sensing that her marriage is all the more disappointing, Pamela began to talk to people around and found that such marriages much more than she expected.Most of them admitted that they were disappointed that their life has changed and so did not think that marriage will look like that. With these "so-so" attitude, and most couples are reconciled.
Such a relationship often arises when couples "chew" everyday life, sharing household chores, talking about finances, more caring and less fun. Over time, entertaining and relaxing moments, there are fewer, less frequent deep conversations, and romance all the dimmer. Often partners are together become boring, and after this there is a mutual živciranje. The prevailing dull, household routines, and spontaneity can be discerned only in trace amounts.

I love you, but I'm more in love with you

After talking with 2000 pairs, Haag said that most of them fell into the so-called. post-romantic era of the marriage. They still love their partners, but are unsure as to whether they like or that you are in love with them. Today, the expectations have changed, said. Women are no longer housewives who take care of their husbands and families, and were rewarded for compliments, expensive dinners and bouquets of flowers. Both partners carry the same problems at work and at home, juggling between long working day, children, loans and home affairs. Today more and more stable marriages that simply do not meet either of partners.

- These couples live in a kind of limbo, constantly asking, would you be happier to part - says Haag.

What to do?

Common goals or hobbies can help, advise experts. But should there be on the lookout for some larger projects, such as planning cottage, both partners can draw from their greatest weaknesses and contradictions. Honesty and open communication will always help, at least in the understanding of your partner's way of thinking. Life is going to put a challenge to any relationship, but it is necessary that both partners are equally trying, suggest new things and ideas, whether for travel or home decorating, how to break the continuity and routine.

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