Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to improve your memory?

First Improve your memory
In ancient Greek orators (poets) are known by heart and recite up to 10 000 citatata.
What was their secret? - The so-called mnemotehnička methods. Here's how the method works.
For example, to save the shopping list, think of how you enter the store. Use the entries from your list to buy a better visualize in your mind. Then when you get to really go back to the store mental images of her step by step how to find all the items on your list.

Second Read better and faster

Speed ​​reading courses offer form that is focused on understanding and knowledge retention. The best way to improve pace of reading is very simple - read a lot and read for pleasure. 2,001th The study was undertaken in which he proved that if you read the content that interests you and be interested, it improves reading speed by 87 percent and understanding of the reading speed by 33 percent.

Third Think out loud
Have you ever noticed how children think out loud when they do something (eg: 'I have one lego and my fortress gtova "). In "Mind Hack", Tom Stafford and Matt Webb referred to samoinstrukcijom.Go ahead without hesitation. Your results will speak for themselves.

4th Brain Age
Play the game. This is a very effective way to find out how your brain works. Games are usually very fun and challenging, so you will not be bored, and at the same time you exercise the brain. And another thing, the games are never too old for you "exercise" the brain.

5th Neatly, Sleep
Daily we need 7 hours of sleep. Keep a regular schedule boot even on weekends, because it is important for your body's natural rhythm.

6th Uniformly feed
Food must be rich in vitamins and minerals and carbohydrates. Minimize sugar and alcohol, and artificial additives. Do not skip breakfast, do not skip dinner but eat at least three hours before bedtime. Eat slowly and only as much as you need.

7th Practice
This is not only the sweating for hours in the gym. Choose from the type of exercise that best answer, be it yoga or jogging around the neighborhood. It is important to have a routine.

8th Have a break
Take a break at work - it's OK! Your brain needs a rest. Bring variety, do not watch television for four hours straight. Replace the time reading, exercising, or socializing. If possible, organize in this way, it is worth it.

9th Have a social life
Be open and relaxed. Do not rush through the day so as not to identify the person or people dear to you. Also, give yourself a little, and others, be kind to the cashier at the store, other people laugh.This is how you build your confidence, which in turn builds your happiness.

10th Fear is a deadly brain
Focus on the challenges that are offered to you, not the problem. Identify yourself when you block, you hesitate to take the initiative for fear that you are creating for ourselves.
If your fears are unjustified and unfounded, discard them and take action!

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