Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to make changes in your life?

-1 - I always do small changes, and if it is a large break them into smaller. This way you get the impression that the changes are smaller and easier to wear with them.

-2 - Before changes in the head and make a mental change routine associated with it.

-3 - If the change occurred by itself, or is required, rather than resist it accept it. If you remain flexible and open to new things will be less turbulence.

-4 - When the great change and stress, every now and take the time to repeat the benefits you have from it.

-5 - Each change implies some kind of learning. If the change is particularly stressful to keep in mind that after this period will be a wiser person for it.

-6 - Confusion is part of the change. It is impossible to know beforehand what the change will bring.Get ready to surprises and unexpected wind change will not easily collapse.

-7 - Do not think that the stress-bearing changes you need to carry yourself. Talk to neighbors about what is happening in my life. If you need to go to the psychiatrist.

-8 - Give yourself plenty of time to implement changes in life. When a change occurs, recognize that you will need some time to adjust to the new situation. This will be the major changes seem less extreme.

-9 - No matter how great the change was gradually you get used to new circumstances. The largest wave after it strikes the shore and calm down.

-10 - Do not expect to be easy. The desire for crying or temper tantrums are normal in this unstable period. But do not assume that a change must be tough. Sometimes changes occur quite natural that they do not even feel it.

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