Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to save money in seven days?


Get yourself two folder, one for paid accounts, one for outstanding detail and sort them. Do not forget the time paying all utilities because otherwise unnecessarily just made it into the debt. Also keep receipts from stores, store them in a notebook and let her be your daily habit to record how much you spend.

We also follow what you spend your money. Often in stores too relax, especially when we have more money with you, and we buy and what we need and what should not. If you regularly monitor their spending habits, you will realize how wisely you spend and what you can significantly save. Also, plays an important role and the product price. You might at first glance, the difference of 50 cents does not seem large, but the math you figure you can save by buying this for a month.


Add up the exact sum amount that you owe the bank, whether loan, unpaid bills and the like. As far as possible, try to repay the debts as soon as possible in order to solve the load. Instead of thinking what you will with an excess of money, even if it was some tiny amount, rather put it aside, to reduce your debts. Also avoid credit card, they will only give a temporary feeling that you can afford everything you want, and your account will unpleasantly surprised later. Do not fall to the mighty banking deals that are advertised by the media than Experience the real you from your finances can afford, and everything else will be entangled in a maze of debt from which it is difficult to get out.


As much as you seem to be hard, really is worth it to quit smoking. Here's a good example: the study found that one third of Croats smoke one pack a day, if we take an average of 15 kuna box comes, for one year, one person can save 5500 kuna. Add k and yet the sum of a person in your family who have the same smoking habits as you and you will get very interesting figure. Why not use that money itself treated yourself to the next summer holiday? If you have this year been one of those summer could not go anywhere because of lack of money, bring the firm decision to quit and hold her. It used to be a lot harder to get rid of the habit because there were so many tools, manuals and resources to help you quit, and people still was able to. Then why could not you? Saving does not mean sacrifice, but wise money management


If you are among those who tremble at the beginning of each month before the new telephone and internet account, it's time to take action. Avoid the mobile subscription, their good side you can always call and send messages, but you do not have control over your account and you can easily overdo it and you make a bill of several hundred kuna. I would rather you buy a voucher of 200 kuna, but have it all month. Also, avoid using cell phones for entertainment, and if you want to hear from loved ones, prefer to call it a cup of coffee than an hour talking on the phone. Entertainment content such as sounds, images, etc.. can be downloaded from the internet USB stick and then transfer it to your phone. Also, if you have large accounts for internet, consider making the switch to flat, or no limit, which in any case profitable.

FRIDAY - you save energy, water and gas

If each month you re wondering how bills for gas, electricity and water can be so large, it may be time to take some steps. Learn wise dispose of their surroundings. Let you in the habit of turning off the light exceeds the premises until they stay in them. The same applies to devices that consume electricity, television, radio and computer, and central heating. If you are not using them, and leave them to work, needlessly wasting energy. When you brush your teeth do not leave you bezveze water leaks. While šamponirate, turn off the water. If you can, put the machine follows a period when electricity is cheaper. With a little discipline, you will see that your bills each month will be even smaller.


If not, go to your bank savings account. Find out about good deals, interest rates and put a certain amount to your account and use it only in emergency situations when you really need. Also, if you are employed, please note that your employer regularly paid pension insurance. Looking for your payroll and keep strict track of them. When it comes to your money, it's worth (unfortunately) be a skeptic against his own brother.

SUNDAY - Seize the day with minimum energy

Their only day of the week make for yourself and your family. Get Sleep, make a joint outing, reading, solving crossword puzzles and the like. Who says that only with a lot of money can be a good time? 

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