Friday, November 16, 2012

Do not you love your mother in law ...

Do you own a memorial to his mother's chilling? The woman took a mythic proportions when it comes to criticism, blame, and cold. When you visit, you feel as if the inspector set foot in your home. In an interview with the children she valued their behavior, academic performance and physical activity, and every failure connected with you.

However, in reality, you can dramatically improve the situation by simply changing the basis on which to base your relationship - you are two women who love the same man. Now, all conflicts and criticism have more sense, does not it? After that, let your mother-in-law knows that primarily takes place in the heart of his son and will always be the case - after all, she is his mother.
After that, it's time to go for it. Change the usual answers and "hold the two neutral territory., You can change your attitude, and we discover the simple ways that you can help with.

Sense of humor - Look at your life as a comedy show. Probably you've seen at least one episode of a sitcom that dealt with "mother-in-law-" attitude. If you managed to laugh, and try their relationship with the mother in law considered in a similar way. Add humor to the story, because it certainly can reduce "hostility".

Stop criticizing - When you start to criticize the mother-in-law, listen to the quiet few minutes, and then change the subject or turn her attention. Children can greatly help you in this. Show her family album with new pictures or call her children to retell their day at school. When you take on the role of grandmothers will definitely forget about criticism.

Turn a negative into a positive - Anything can be reinterpreted. Be creative and do not let anger overcome. Do not think that every sentence refers to the intent to hurt or upset. In addition, make sure that it at times make some compliment. Praise the qualities that you want to fasten.

Your relationship will improve if sometimes take time for joint activities. Go shopping, for a walk at lunch. Meet and connect. Ask her about her past, expectations, dreams. Keep in mind that knowledge is power!

Do not hope that your mother-in-law or your relationship will improve overnight. You can expect mutual respect and loyalty. Build your relationship step by step. In addition, keep in mind that you will not achieve anything if you have not and you are willing to compromise. You may find it takes more time, but the effort will certainly pay off.

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