Monday, November 5, 2012

Friendship between man and woman

Male-female friendships are challenged relationship. Many believe it is impossible with the opposite sex be just friends. Without any sexual desire and emotion of love? Always there for a someone wants to get laid, the only question is when.

People who look at this relationship by actually never had friends of the opposite sex. That there are male female friendships argue that people are not able to maintain such a relationship. And since it never had in my head to create various scenarios. The truth is actually very simple. Male Female friendships are just that.
There are two kinds of men's women's friendships. The first category is a relationship in which the man and woman do not experience a sexual way. The difference between your relationship with her best friend and there.
The second category are the friends who once upon a time maybe something stirred. But they concluded that they simply do not work as a couple in love and they became friends.
None of my loving partner in life so far was not able to bypass - my male friends. We are still in elementary school. Some I got in high school. During his teenage years, we were inseparable society.We go out together, drink coffee, go to the movies, to restaurants - we do everything that other friends. I tell you first opened - no reason to be jealous. They were before any love affair there, and they stay after each relationship.
Of course, those who have never been in such a position, it is difficult to understand how there is no sex. The reason is simple - male female friendships are asexual. As your girl does not want to throw down your friends, so neither does their male friends.
The reason for denial of this category of friendship are two completely different types of people - those who can and those who can not be friends with the opposite sex. There are simply people who are able to develop a friendship with the opposite sex just for friendship.
The second category of people are those who think that the opposite sex is reserved for relationships or sex barenje. No this is not right. Everyone chose their own way of friendly relations and should respect each other's choice.
If you belong to the latter category, and your new girl at first, there may be problems that will create most of you in my head. You think what happens when she goes out with him, what with him going to the cinema and the fine dinner. You start to resent her, and there are problems. It would be as if your girlfriend was jealous of your friends - and you consistently resulted with it as it does not match at all socializing.
You think that psihopatkinja that you choke. And what are you?
Meet her friends. Maybe you gain a new society. Because the girl with male friends has its advantages - when you go out with them, you feel like in a chicken coop. No female intrigue and weighing what to say your talking to her friends. Still better understand men. In most cases, the girls with a lot of male friends less complicated. In some ways think like men - simply, without too much analysis. It is learned to have her male friends.
Maybe it's time to change the board and be grateful for her male friends

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