Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy relationship

One of the great and wonderful secret relationship going on when I hit a couple that really enjoys together. I have often wondered how they managed it.

When I met with the couple seemed that there are certain activities that work together and bring them happiness and contentment that we all seek in a relationship. They have a secret I want to reveal myself.

So I started to collect information on what they are doing customers and friends who have excellent relations, and their relationship remains good, full of love and joy. This is what I discovered.

If you're in a relationship and want to become better than what it is now, we recommend that you focus on these steps in the next few months and you will see results. If you do not change something in the way you approach the relationship, how will anything ever change?

Give a chance these steps, and I guarantee you that things will change for the better.

First Face the challenge to be yourself in a relationship with another person.

a. Practice developing the courage and skills to be yourself, but at the same time working to bond with another person. It's the biggest paradox!

b. Notice the difference between compromising and compromising their desire shapes together to achieve the desire choose. When you realize all of this will be easier.

c. Who am I on? One way to learn this is to examine what you get from your partner, and you see how it affects what you get .. Love and concern or frustration and distance? Now make sure that you give your partner his actions? Love and concern or frustration and distance? You can not have both reactions, and therefore change their own procedures to automatically change the room with you?

Second Women and men are different.

a. Really??

b. But do you really accept it with love and compassion? This is the catch. If you are upset by the fact that he does not think, act, feel the same as you, maybe you're trying to change your picture. Good luck with that.

c. Celebrating the difference will be better and more effective way. Here's a question: What do you like in a partner? The first to notice, and then you'll begin to appreciate the difference between men and women.

3rd All you think about your current relationship is not true.

a. The story of your partner is just that - a story. You've invented it, not him. How do you like your story about your partner?

b. Is it possible to "know" another person, under your stories about him. Yes! But you may need to work on forgetting your story and instead discover your partner. Does that make you? Of course!Will you do it? Ah, that is the question!

c. What is the "truth" that can hold respect for your partner or relationship that bothers you?Discover and get rid of her.

4th Your story about the relationship forms the link in your life.

a. What you are repeating themes in relationships in your life? Finding these topics makes your wisdom about relationships. Are you brave enough to look at and discover what created anew?

b. Can I change the subject? Sure. It's just a habit of thinking and feeling. The easiest way to get rid of them in exchange for Draza habit. Well, that would be more appealing to you in a relationship? Now in accordance with the change.

c. Start a new more convenient to write the story about the relationship in her life. This time you access anything with more love, attention and sincerity. Express your affection. Insist on it that you keep the compassion in their relationship.

5th Fall in love with your partner, rather than to stay in love with stories that take hold of your partner.

a. That your partner does not meet expectations?

b. Would you be able to give them the expectation, at least a little, to explore who he is in real life?(Do not make promises lightly, it is a completely different challenge!)

c. Open your heart for your partner and myself. This will require a great leap of you, if your story is about the negative partner. If you love yourself enough to both be ready to make changes in their behavior, and insist on the foundation of your relationship full of love, it will bring you much pleasure. But you have to take the first step to find out who your partner really is. Will you take this bold move?
To improve your relationship, take these steps one by one through the next few weeks. Adhering to them, you can become a successful couple who have happy relationship full satisfaction.

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