Friday, November 16, 2012

How to end a Friendship?

How do you end a friendship that no longer fits ...

Ending a friendship is very similar to the break with her boyfriend - was painful to leave behind all that time spent together and all the shared memories. But as it usually happens in life - many links, so friendly and they often come to an end, and some friendships do not last forever. If you think it's time to get rid of a friend or friends, you can easily learn how to do it ...

Law, honest friendship, and they are not as common, and if you are one of those who have them - you could be really lucky and blessed person. But even if you believe that your a person eternally loyal and sincere friend of yours, all this can change. Unfortunately, in friendship and in love, and everything else in life - there are no guarantees, and really has nothing (or anyone) would you guarantee that you will be with somebody forever remain friends.

People grow, mature and change, we are entering into the life of other people ... - So sometimes friendships can start over completely unexpected. While we all want the closest people to stay forever close, it is inevitable that you will terminate the life of at least a few friends.

In order to terminate friendship if it does not enrich your life, and especially if that person has become "toxic" for all that surrounds you. Before you decide you really want to break a friendship (although I was only thinking about it a good sign that something is wrong) first ask yourself these questions:
I just pass through a difficult period through which friendships sometimes pass?
Is there a legitimate reason why my friend / friend started / o behave as they do?
Am I willing or able to forgive him / her about the situation in which I was injured?
Does she / he know how I feel? Deserves you he / she know it?
I jeopardizes its integrity, self-esteem, pleasure, and security if you continue this friendship?
Is the foundation of our friendship is contradictory to what I believe is actually true friendship?

How to End a Friendship?

When you are sure that the suspension is what you need to do - then you have several options to do this. What you do is up to you, but the type of friendship. Is not the same whether it is a very close friend for a number of years or less casual friendship.


If you decide to talk with their friends and relatives about what's going on or why you think you should be friends - be honest, without deliberately accuse or be rude, mean-spirited and deliberately condescending. Let the person know how you feel and why you feel and give her a chance to respond.You might find that your friend is not aware of how you are feeling or doing something wrong. Be prepared that will begin to defend, to concoct excuses will not want to hear what you have to say or even start to attack you.

Give yourself time

If you have a fight so that you do not believe that it is possible to fix it, maybe you should wait for some time (give yourself a break) before you completely sever all connections with a friend. This will help to calm and cool head later, think about why all the bickering and whether it is worthwhile to continue this friendship. You'll also avoid the discussion in which the altercation escalate even more, and you could say something you'll regret later.

If you take your time - you will be able to assess more clearly what it is. You may realize that you are exaggerating or that this was a misunderstanding. And it is possible that you just decide to limit contact with that person, and not completely break a friendship. There's nothing wrong with a little "slow down" the relationship. Maybe limit it to just the occasional cup of coffee or a phone call.

Be employed

If you are injured or you have a lot of these people and in turn think that conversation with that person will not bear any fruit, then you can avoid it. However, this will not work with a close friend, but more acquaintances. Close friends still deserve to know why you decided to terminate or reduce the contact.

If you call or acquaintance ran into her somewhere, tell her that you are employed or have already some plans. She will probably understand what this is about and respect your wishes. Avoiding friends may seem a bit harsh and insensitive, but that's often the best way to get rid of toxic people in life.

Natural breaks

And if you're lucky, friendship will be put out just because they both feel the same. Termination of friendship will be painful for a while and it is possible that you will even ask that you make the right decision.

Always keep in mind that there are friendships that you enrich and beautify our lives, to provide comfort and support - and do not you complicate and make life quite difficult. It is totally wrong to stop friendship if it no longer fits, and do not be convinced otherwise.

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