Monday, November 5, 2012

How to get over the disappointment?

We must never forget that we ourselves

How many times have we ended up disappointed, crying in bed thinking that nobody likes? But the morning is always wiser and realize that there are still people who care about us. However, when we look at the longer term, we wonder if we are really alone and that the individual man for himself or is there a better half of it to which we can rely on us when it's hard, when you scold us at work, we did not pass the exam or have fallen on driver.

People that are sure we can always rely on our parents or close family we must agree. But is this always true? And when our friends say to put your hand in the fire for us, when the better half says he would give his life for our humble? Is it really true, and you would come to such a situation you strive towards that puts others before us? Would we really jumped in front of a bullet to save a loved one, or is it just the main theme of all kinds of soap operas? Sometimes cursing us all sorts of little things.And then defend'' did not throw garbage and he would have given his life for me?''. Is this the standard of love? Are the words when there is no measure of friendship means of evidence? We believe that all of us as people are saying?

Sometimes, when you indulge in thoughts really wonder such things. A few minutes later completely forget about them because I do not need to think about them until everything is in perfect order. But will it be forever? What does it mean when a man tells us that He will never leave us, and after a few months there is a breakup with his hand. We stand alone, in bed, in a sea of ​​tears wondering - are we alone?

In fact, no matter how evil is come upon us, my friends left, leaving a loved one, or we just lost a loved one, we must never forget that we ourselves. We are the ones who will never abandon us when the worst we can always rely on yourself, and build such a character, and that if we're alone, that we really do not need anyone else but ourselves. Life carries all kinds of things, fraud, lies, prejudice, loss, and happiness, and when we feel that we do not have one, do not deceive ourselves, and not odustajmo. Let's not be cowards and stand up to face all these problems. Because if not us, who else can be one hundred percent sure that you will do it for us?

Although we may have a person who could have given life, and we are sure that the life given to us, we must never abandon yourself. Most people live on other people's compliments and hymns, let's just celebrities and famous people. Tabloids brag them every day, and fans are gathering concerned when they do not get enough care and attention as they get accustomed to, indulge in drugs, alcohol and everything back in order to attract attention to themselves, and this is a clear example of losing faith in himself .
What we mean is that if we leave ourselves only then shall we lose anyone and I really wonder - are we alone?

Do not let raznorazni compliments, opinions of others people and everything nice that you and others are saying they want to hear build your personal image. It's always nice to receive a compliment, but if it is what you need to hear in order to get a picture of yourself, one day you'll really be alone. Keep thinking of yourself and do not let others shape it. Because all you need is confidence and character. Confidence we build self-confidence and character, which solidifies our confidence. After that, our own mind, not even the sky will indeed be the limit.

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