Monday, November 5, 2012

How to save a marriage?

8 ways to keep your vows while you debt do us part.

In this article we will outline the 8 ways to steer around obstacles, the financial reach of the green branch and beat:

1 - Use your strengths

Usually in every marriage can find the one that saves the one who consumes. Generally, one person is better at saving. Savers can be considered as one who spends immature and irresponsible. On the other hand, the consumer is considered scarce and depositors dream killer. Rather than let this divide, use force depositors to comply with its financial plan and build financial security for the family.

2 - Remove unnecessary expenses

The average household has about Rs 5000-10000 debts on credit cards. To eliminate excessive debt, you need more money to restrain habits you have acquired. Take the list with purchasing unnecessary things, expensive outings, stop borrow money to family and friends. We had to throw out everyday coffee to settle the unexpected repairs in the house. Where can you cut costs? Each cost (even the smallest) adds, and can be used to reduce current liabilities.

3 - Be it

According to surveys, only 50% of couples have joint accounts while others have separate accounts.Only half of couples are team players. To win in team games iskorisitite benefits. What has always been true for my husband and me is that what's his is mine and what's mine is his. So when I was unemployed, my husband carried the whole burden of the farm, and when he was out of work, I have refrained us. When he had something to eat, I had too. When I pay "their bills," I immediately was met his. If you've indulged in something special, and I did the same for him. So we have to comply, in the sense that we never argued, "this is your account," or it is "my money." Finally, arguments will not reduce your monthly debts.

4 - What is the sum?

When my husband and I went to financial freedom rates, we determined the total debt amount. I will never forget that day. I called my husband and told him, "You'll never guess how much of our total debt?" He said a couple of digits, but none of them were correct. She herself could not believe the amount of which does. Why? The simple reason is because they always guess how much is owed. The truth about the total debt will somehow relieved. Find out how many credits you have and what are your debts, and use it to create a plan for a debt-free life.

5 - Control

Control and monitor the financial flows, and the budget at its disposal. It can be simple excel table where you note the complete receipts and expenditures.

6 - Talk

Find your way to a healthy way of talking about money and financial plans and goals of your family.As you know, money can be a major cause of the dissolution of marriage. It is because of the money some couples argue the most. Many of these arguments are the result of ambiguous situations or the unspoken expectations. We recommend you to unblock communication when it comes to finances and discuss financial plans and track their progress or not progress, and why.

7 - Go ahead

Should I do this or you should do that, you will not lead to freedom in financial terms. What's done is done. Do you now reproach or blame your partner because it will paralyze and lead to inactivity.Think of it this way: as long as you do nothing about it, the longer you will be in debt. Simply go further than that.

8 - Seek help

Do you need help with the household budget or finance? Admit it, things are stuck in serious debt and have a thick red. If so, seek help. It could be a combination of financial planning, to provide extra income or someone who will help you identify the things that you can not get out of debt. In any case, it does not hurt to talk to the financial adviser, to alleviate this tension.

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