Monday, November 5, 2012

Lost the will to going out

Or you still have a desire for fun?

You are married, had children, settled down, only for them to live and enjoy the moment when you come home from work and see their dearest and nearest and relax with a glass of wine and a good thriller on TV programs? Do you like excursions, museums and a weekly trip to visit any national park or the castle and enjoy the beauty of the world ... No wonder I was ever really all that you have always wanted?

Did you absolutely desire to pass the old going out with friends, rage at concerts and late arrivals home or sometimes remember the good old days with friends follies and pulls you to the memories and nostalgia of the old days? Have you forgotten those days and pushed them in yourself or you absolutely anyway?

Perhaps now is a great time, and while you older, more experienced and have plans for further future, even with all the obligations, bills, situations, problems, and pleasures still-when you go out to recall old memories.

However, there are things that we can prevent, regardless of whether we have or have not lost interest in absolute crazy partying and socializing at night. Maybe it's a little jealous partner, friends who have lost interest, lack of finance, lack of arrivals at certain events, various pranks, or simply an inner fear that separates us from the past.

'' It's more for me'','' I long ago outgrown'','' I have other problems'','' Life is different now'','' I do not get nothing'' are just some of the reasons that We hear every day from various people who do not see or would like to see much more. But every so often all of us catch our melancholy. When we remember dates, high school, college days, when there was so much concern and obligation, we get to go outside and to isplešemo, ispjevamo, izludiramo and fun as it used to be ... As long as you do not have to go back again to reality, and current issues, responsibilities and everything else that surrounds us.

But we should not let ourselves daily routine prevents the plan. We are not anyone's slave owners and have their spirit, mind and body. The denial of our own desires and ideals we certainly are not going to benefit much more if you adapt something that we are slowly becoming routine of life, or worse, if it is someone else depriving personal freedom. Do not ever let somebody commander style and way of life. Worth more than you think, and you more than you know.

If you are married, you are bound, but not the loose spirit. You do not need anyone's permission and confirmation to go out, have fun, be nauživate life. Does not mean that it will always work, but if you have a strong desire, not posustajte, call old friends, arrange a date, arrange travel, go to places you have not been a long time you wanted them. Indulge in happiness and joy.

Discuss with them what you want, are you missing something in your life, what would it be. No posustajte from their memories and not throw them away because of the new life. If you're lucky if you find a "golden" environment - you have nothing to worry about. But most of us will eventually come to a point where we wonder whether all that life has to offer and whether it will be like to live forever. Of course not, because no matter how old you are you can always change things.

Coming or not, happy or accommodated, it is important that you feel good. And no one can forbid or condemn you, in fact you are the only one who can do it. No one else, unless they do not let you do.Nobody can manipulate you and your body. So do not be afraid and know that you are a free spirit, regardless of age, so go outdoors without fear and fun like never before.

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