Friday, November 16, 2012

Marriage affects health

Love and harmonious marriage can improve your health, new research confirms.
Bad marriage, divorce and trauma you can seriously threaten. Thus, even in a second marriage can not fully recover from the adverse effects of long-term divorce, according to a survey made in America.

Research in Chicago, conducted on a sample of 8652 people aged 51 to 61 years, revealed that divorced people have 20 percent more chronic illnesses, such as cancer, compared with those who had never married. In the journal "Health and social behavior," the researchers write that this figure falls to 12 percent of those who enter into a second marriage.

Undermine the health of lower income

People who opt for a second marriage after divorce or widowhood are usually happier. They are less depressed than people who had never married. Thus they have a slight advantage in terms of chronic diseases.

Dr.. Linda Waite, a sociologist at the University of Chicago, who worked on the study says that divorce or widowhood undermines health because incomes drop and stress is booming. The situation usually deteriorates further joint custody of the child.

Marriage brings current health improvement especially men, and women, and improving financial situation. However, the second marriage is not treated completely.

Waite says, "Some diseases, such as depression, react very quickly and intensely to changes in current conditions. For example, diabetes or heart disease develop slowly over a long time and show the influence of the past. That's why the divorce or death of a spouse damages health, regardless of the second marriage.

The other partner similar to the first?

Anastasia de Waal, of the Civitas organization said: "The survey highlights the fact that divorce has become increasingly frequent, and its toll is no longer taken only in emotional and financial terms, but also in large part to health."

Christine Northan, a consultant for Relate, said: "I'm not surprised by the results. Efforts should be made to take the marriage, unless it comes to a very destructive relationship. It is also good if you can use the divorce to better understand ourselves and the reason why the connection failed. If you can, you are in a better position to another successful marriage. But if you are drawn to people susceptible to the influences of toxins, then it is better to be alone. "

In fact, a surprising number of people looking for partners like those from his first marriage. Northan says the chances of such marriages end in divorce second twice.

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