Monday, November 5, 2012

Meetings of the blind - "Blind Date"

You never know who is hiding on the other side of your monitor

Surely you already own and sail the virtual world. Perhaps you met some interesting people, for example, a few great friends I met just in virtuali.

There are many chat rooms, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tagged where can from the safety of your home to get to know all kinds of people. The only problem is that you never know who is hiding on the other side of the monitor. As we introduce in some bar, disco, tram, bus, or in a market society, the first person you see when dating, and then the better as a person. In the virtual world - the world of the Internet we first meet someone's way of thinking, preferences, hobbies, etc., and yet, of course, if you like someone, meet the person in person.

Specifically encounter on the Internet are like the right match, just as you can sit in front of the computer with a mask of cucumber on her face, in the oldest sweatpants, greasy hair, make incredible grimaces, tongue loll out and drops to throw around on a TV series, make a sandwich and pretend to be .... somebody else.

Rare are the men who speak the truth .... mostly all very nice, attractive, too smart, witty, well-off, a very frequent lies as regards their age. Performs real panic when another party, and that men quickly make up, asked him to send the photo. And when you go back on the photo, and the Shrekov her younger brother? Or someone toothless, dull eyes, big bald head with a thick gold chain?

In fact you are in a good position, just press "ignore" and delete the mail in a few seconds this unfortunate episode is forgotten.

But let's say you like someone to chat, so you simpa and photos and choose to meet .... first of all it would be good to hear at least 2-3 times with that person. If you see that avoids the call is probably in a relationship or married, as you are no doubt important information. Be sure to ask for a cell phone number and try to call at an inconvenient time such as a week at lunch time, so let's say about 22 hours and the like. By this we will see you hiding something (usually say that the mob forgotten in the car and they somehow often happens) and assess whether you trust him enough to be with him and meet in person.
If you decide to meetings in the "real" world, be sure to check a few tips:

a) No matter how you figure it was never nice not give out personal information such as home address, the name of the company you work for, private email address, name and so on. You never know with whom you have a job
b) with unknown people always meet in a public place to meet and come by public transport or your own car, so you can avoid unpleasant situations that bother someone in a car accident or a drive into the unknown ....
c) Listen to your intuition and if you feel that something is wrong or you notice .... look stiff cup of coffee on the speed and "suddenly remember" that you have forgotten something urgent to do with the promise that you'll be back to you ...
d) It would be wise to ask a friend, and that at a certain time to call and ask if everything is okay, and if she did not respond immediately to come and wipe out ...... so the person with whom you are in the company will not be embarrassed, and you'll cleverly drawn with nasty gloves ......

What are your experiences with meetings "blind"?

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