Friday, November 16, 2012

Restore the trust in your relationship

Trust is a matter which should be approached with great caution

Regardless of whether you are beginning a new relationship, or renew an existing one, the trust is a matter which should be approached with extreme caution. Sometimes an incident of the past prevents people believe their partner. The lack of this vital ingredient connection limits its growth.

However, it is not easy to build trust. It is a gradual process that can take months. But there are things which you can help your partner to begin to rely on you and trust you ...


When planning to make a big change in life, make sure that before you should let partners. No annoying things, but when you hear about it from someone else. If you drastically change your hairstyle, or if you change jobs, switch it on in the decision making process.

Believe in your partner

Do you expect your partner to believe in you, and then you also have to repay it. If your partner starts a new job or trying to learn a foreign language, encourage it. Let him know that he fully supports him and you'll always be ready to help.

TELL him what you want

When you talk to your partner, tell him exactly what you like and what you want. Remember, your partner can not read minds and can not accurately guess what will make you happy. Will appreciate the fact that it is open and talk about it. This is precisely the way to the filled relationship.


In any relationship, it is very important to be honest and do not hide the essential thing. And if you are open to your partner, he will feel comfortable with you. But if you cover up and a partner finds out, your relationship could falter. So, just be open from the start and avoid secret.

Be yourself

When you are with your partner, it's best to just be yourself. Do not act and pretend. Remember, your partner knows you well and will notice the difference. Do you want to rebuild trust in a relationship, you should know that you do not need to change in order to impress him, but he needs to show who you really are, so that you can be trusted again.


While many believe that the agreement with your partner all the time leads to a good relationship, you know that's not true. It is good to have an opinion and express it. If you are constantly agree with your partner, you might think that something is wrong. So stick to your arguments from time to time.

Understand the LIMITS

It is good to set certain limits about. Let your partner know clearly that you irritate some of his habits. You might not like the fact that you went to the movies without a friend, or you do not like the relationship with the colleague from work. Share it with them in order to feel safe in the relationship and ask him to do the same.

Take responsibility

If you made a mistake and lied about something, admit error. Do not pretend that nothing happened, because the partner even more doubt you. Everybody makes a mistake sometimes. So admit it right away, the greater the chance that your spouse forgive and forget about it.

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