Friday, November 16, 2012

Toxic friendship

Friends, who are more concerned with their own interests than yours, they might convince you that you need them in some way and be dependent on them and that you are a bad friend if you decide to 'break

About 84 percent of women are struggling with so-called "toxic" friends who look only to your own interests, emotional leeches are the most important situations in sticking a knife in the back, reveals a study online magazine Neither condition in men is not much better, three quarters of them admitted that had such a friend.

Although numerous studies have shown that close friendships reduce stress and the risk of depression and may improve health and increase longevity, people are left "unidirectional" friendships because they cease to seem intimidating.

- The reason why it is difficult to terminate friendship with "toxic" friends is the same one that makes it difficult to stop dysfunctional relationship. There is something plausible and familiar to them. No problems you might be convinced that they need, in a way, and you're a bad person if you choose to terminate friendship - says psychiatrist Gail Saltz.

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